Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Catch-up

Currently Reading: Read the first story in the One Touch Beyond, and it was enjoyable! I'm also devouring Saskia Walker's Reckless!

Watched Monday and Tuesday's Olympics, and am up to Wednesday!

On Monday: Walsh and May-Treanor won their 107th game.
Trampoline: WTF? Is this seriously an Olympic event?
Men's Rings: China won gold and silver; Ukrain the bronze.
Men's Vault: Poland took the gold; France the silver, and Russia the bronze. The Romanians almost caused a 3-way tie for gold, or a 2-way tie for silver. But he fell on the landing, finishing in 4th place.

And now the Women's Uneven Bars. This is not because I'm a US citizen; anyone with EYES could see that China's gymnast (Chung Fei?? Forgive me...didn't write it down!) made more errors than Nastia did! But to quote Tim Daggat and Bela Karoli, the new tie-breaking system is UNFAIR! They should have both gotten gold, or at least re-evaluated the scores! Nastia got shafted, same as Alicia.

And now Tuesday's:
Men's Springboard: China took gold and silver; Canada, the bronze. Dmitry Saudin placed 4th, and the commentators mentioned he has a new 1-month old baby at home. Troy Dumais of the US placed 6th, and Chris Caldwell 12th.

Men's Parallel Bars: China with the gold, Korea the silver, and Uzbeckistan (forgive the spelling??) earned their first EVER medal in this event, the bronze.

Women's Balance Beam: Shawn Johnson earned the gold; Nastia the silver, and China the bronze. The other Chinese gymnist, as well as the Japanese gymnist, fell off.

Kelly's challenged some of us to a Book In a Week, in which we post our goals. It started yesterday; Mine were to finish up my synopsis and send off both stories, and to write no less than 3 pages on one of my wips. I accomplished one goal last night; I'm satisfied with the synopsis, and then I tried to send it on its way. But once again, AOL is refusing to let me view my mail on the desktop. So today I will save it to the flash and hook up the laptop so I can get both stories sent out TODAY! That's one less deadline hanging over my head.

Got a confirmation email yesterday, saying my VistaPrint order has shipped. Yes, I spent a whopping $10 in shipping costs for another free pen, two different colors of sticky notes, a notepad, and some magnets. I think I also got some more oversized postcards with the blurb of LFAW on the back. Let me test this out right now: On the Grip last week, we talked promo, and about branding. My new magnets read:

College. Romance. Life
Molly Daniels, Author
Arbor University Tales

What do y'all think? Sound good? I can't remember if I'm getting 25, 50, or 100. If you want one, send me your addy to and when I get them, I'll shoot one your way.

Tonight is Meet the Teacher night at S's school. I also (stupidly) signed up for a free webinar on how to get my books into libraries. I may enlist my daughter's help and have her take notes while I'm meeting her teachers.

Time to get to work:)


barbara huffert said...

Hurry up and watch Wednesday. The women's beach volleyball gold medal game!

Sandra Cox said...

Congrats on finishing the synopsis! Good job!

Caffey said...

Hi Molly! I should have recorded the Olympics too. Maybe they will have them on DVD or repeated at some point. I can hope!

Cool on the synopsis done! The promo goodies sounds great. Can't wait to see them!

Unknown said...

I like the webinar class idea. I'd like to learn to do that.

I wrote almost 5 pages today for Kelly's challenge.

Molly Daniels said...

None of my children would attend the webinar for me; they said they had enough note-taking in school! I'll let you know when the next one is, Ash! Hope you're staying dry down there...

Barb: Watched it yesterday...WOW! And in the RAIN?

Thanks Caffey and Sandra! Huge weight off my shoulders:)