Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Pictures...Finally!

Currently reading: Bound Brits arrived yesterday! I'll admit; I read Barb's and Dakota's stories first. Fantastic:) Now to read the others....

Also finished Wind Song, by Rita Karnopp. I'm going to have to go back and reread some sections, or at least reread when the house is quiet, and no one is vying for my attention:)

Next up: Bad Brad by Cheryl Dragon and (finally!) Mating Stone by Elyssa Edwards:)

My sister, nephew D, my son W, and niece R with her daddy after a day at Holiday World

Indianapolis 500 2008
Front row: My BIL and sis
Back row: Son K, and my mom and dad

Floods in June: Taken from the bridge between Indiana and Illinois

Close-up of the water level. You can tell how far the water had been the week before, when I forgot to take my camera along!

A tiny part of my world to share.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend!


Ashley Ladd said...

Nice pics. I really miss the Ohio/Indiana area. I get homesick when I see anywhere near home.

jackie said...

Nice addition to the page Molly.