Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scouts Got Talent...NOT!

I was snarky last night.

The scouts put on their rendition of 'America's Got Talent' for the parents again, and the kits were better last year.

My son started off by being 'psychic'. One of the scout's sisters had a birthday, and my scout went into the audience and 'found' the birthday person.

Another scout did a magic trick (he 'won' last year's skit challenge).

Two more sang songs.

And another pair attempted to rap.

The last scout proclaimed to have no talent; however, he happened to be the scout responsible for making sure the fire burned brightly. So when he put another log on the fire during a break between 'acts', I cheered for him. And so they included his 'act' when it came time to vote!

My son was not pleased when only his father 'voted' for him. The audience 'votes' by applause level.

But when the 'fire-keeper' was presented, myself and his parents clapped, earning him a place in the top 3. And when we did a re-vote, I stood up and yelled loudly. And he won!

Afterwards, my child came up and asked me why I didn't vote for him. I told him I liked to cheer for the underdog!

Olympic Update: DVR'd the events again and just finished zipping through them. Dara Torres had a fantastic two events, winning silver in the 50 Free, with Australia's 16-year old Cate Campbell winning the bronze. And in the women's 4x100 IM, USA took silver again, with Australia's Libby Trickett beating Torres by mere one hundredths of a second. In the men's 4x100 IM, Phelps and Co won the gold, and Australia won silver. And in the men's 1500 Free, Australia's Grant Hackett won the silver, with Tunisia's swimmer getting the gold for the first time ever. Well done! And this morning, I also watched the men's Tennis Singles, and Rafael Nadal of Spain took the gold after a very hard set. He looked miserable as he battled to win!


Molly Daniels said...

Oops...that should be 'skits' in the second paragraph. I'm having problems with blogger not wanting to load. It took 5 minutes to publish!

Sandra Cox said...

Hope your day has been a good one.

Ashley Ladd said...

My youngest is in scouts, too. I'm afraid he'd kill me if I didn't vote for him. Maybe literally.

barbara huffert said...

How nice of you to do that. Does your son understand? How was your signing?

Brynn Paulin, Author of sassy erotic romance. said...

They all deserve kudos for doing the skits. My troop hates doing anything that could be construed as performing. They'd rather canoe across a desert.