Sunday, August 3, 2008

Titles for This Week

Breaking the Rules, by Summer Jordan

A Hint of Summer, by Cindy K Green

Mystic Circle, by Bronwyn Green

I may buy a fourth; it all depends after I pay the bills and put food in the house.

I'm Curious...
Does anyone know if fleece clothing causes laptops to freeze up? I've noticed now that I've had the majority of my problems with the laptop when I'm still wearing my fleece robe in the mornings. Very irritating; I don't have this problem with the desktop!

That's all for now; I'm off to get ready for church and finish the chores that weren't done yesterday since I worked the festival. And yes, I'm slightly irritated with the spousal unit for not doing his own laundry, or even cleaning the kitchen!


barbara huffert said...

Fleece clothing? Nope, never had that problem.

Sandra Cox said...

Hm, never heard that. Let me know what you find out.