Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Pop-Ups Have Been Blocked From This Site..."

Currently Reading: More Than Words, by Kelly Kirch. I'm up to chapter 12, and have LAUGHED my ass off in spots! Even read parts of it to my mom, who also chuckled. I had left my disk at home (bad Molly!), so I went back into my email and downloaded it again, on CD this time. Showed my dad how to write a CD, and showed my mom how I actually read an e-book on my daughter's laptop. Don't know if I've convinced her or not, but maybe I'll see an e-reader in my gifts next December??? We're hitting the Mall later today, for school clothes. Maybe I'll get her to go into B&N with me, so I can show it to her?

And when I get finished with MTW, I can reread Marriage Mart (I've already read a few of my favorite pages) or Mom's got a Nora Roberts book I've not read yet.

Greeted me this morning when I tried to comment on my friends' blogs. ARRRGGGHHH! Apparently, my mom's PC will allow me to read, but not comment. And I couldn't even click on Anny's! I'll have to type her addy in manually.

But, since I was struggling for an interesting topic, now I have one! So here are the comments that came immediately to mind. Before I got this idea, I'd already emailed an author with one, because I was afraid I would forget it.

So here goes:

Ashley: Love the toons!

Barb: Glad you and Mouse are communicating on a friendly level! Have you thought of a shifter-story involving him?

Cindy: I'll be reading Stone and Earth by the end of the month!

Jackie: I'm shaking my head. When school starts, I'll bring my teens over after school so they can HELP YOU! Seriously...go to and tell her to stop overextending herself???

Dakota: Glad Mr. is okay! I've been in an accident where my airbag didn't deploy, and had a nasty concussion from hitting the steering wheel. Enjoy your week together! Somehow, I got the impression you were already living together...

Kelly: Did your sales go through the roof yesterday? See blue comment at top of blog.

Mona: Great pics! What are the odds the RWA would ever come to Indianapolis???

OGAG: Nope; being called a bitch, slut, etc doesn't do it for me either. Call me that and you'll get a fight. Just ask some of my ex-boyfriends! And Cindy...which 'light bondage' book are you talking about? I'll be sure to check it out, though most of your books are on my list anyway.

Regina: You go, girl! I'd like to be able to do that myself!

Okay. Want to know what the hell I'm talking about? Visit the blogs to the right and see if you agree with me!


Unknown said...

I think most people assume we are living together. I don't dissuade the assumption because we spend every night together. But we transfer house to house. :( Soon, soon, soon we will buy our house and live happily ever after in one space. But for now we pack clothes and ask each other every day "Where are we staying tonight?"

Luckily he did not hit the steering wheel (thank you God!) And he still doesn't seem sore, so mostly I am just thanking God again that no one was hurt at all.


barbara huffert said...

I have an alternate reality story where Mouse is the hero. The heroine has to figure that out through certain clues in order to get to him.

If you hold down the control button when you click on comments and they'll open in another page.

Molly Daniels said...

I tried that. It still didn't work, but will try again in a few. Then I'm off to bed! More tomorrow:)

jackie said...

ok, define...over-extend? LOL