Friday, September 19, 2008

1st Anniversary:)

Welcome! I’m Amy Callahan, and today is the 1st anniversary of Molly’s Musings! Yes, it’s hard to believe that one short year ago, everyone in Bloggerland was introduced (rather scandalously, I might add) to myself, Gretchen McLaren, and Elicia Keller. Since Keri Patterson and Caitlyn McCarty weren’t present last year, I thought a few of us would get together, reminisce about the year, and introduce Keri and Cait to everyone. So sit back, drink some wine with us, and enjoy the party!

Amy: Wow…Molly sure wandered all over the place this past year, didn’t she? Music, rants, publishing info…

Gretchen (smiling): I noticed you got most of the attention, though.

Amy: I did, didn’t I? Just wait until it’s your turn.

Keri: My favorite post was when she talked about her Indy 500 memories.

Cait: You would! At least you got mentioned; my only mention has been a ‘where is she’ moment!

Amy: Give her time, give her time!

Keri: Did you know she cut out the first six chapters of my relationship with Kyle?

Gretchen: Yeah…I think she’s about to do some major surgery on my story as well. Did you hear we’re not classified as Romance, but Women’s Fiction?

Keri: Yeah; what’s up with that? Mine is all about romance!

Amy: Umm…hate to break this to you, Keri…you realize your book doesn’t end quite yet?

Keri: Yeah, so…that’s life!

Amy: If it’s not a HEA, then the romance readers don’t want to read it.

Keri: But I get my HEA later…

Amy: Doesn’t count. And don’t give away anything! You’re still being considered, remember?

Keri: Didn’t you hear I got rejected? (grumbling) Story of my life right now.

Gretchen: Aim…she was rejected in May! Where the hell have you been?

Amy (ducking): Sorry; I’d forgotten that. I’ve been doing signings with Molly all summer.
Keri: She’s suffering from heat exhaustion.

Cait: No, the attention has swelled her ego!

Amy: Actually, the last one was quite cold! (changes subject) My favorite posts were when she discussed her writing.

Gretchen: Did you see the ones where she talked about new characters? Did you know we’re not the only ones she writes about?

Keri: Yeah; some people named Angie, Brad, Emma, and Steve.

Cait: Don’t forget Tammy and Kevin! (fanning herself) I read part of that book and wow! Sex in every chapter!

Amy: Molly’s mom isn’t gonna be happy with her!

Gretchen: That’s why she invented another pen name. I don’t think Arbordale could take the heat!

Cait: I don’t know; it got rather steamy at times here! She just didn’t describe everything in ours.

Keri: You obviously haven’t read the shower scene in mine, or the Valentine’s Day date I had with Kyle.

Cait (rolling her eyes): I’m not even finished with the first chapter of Amy’s! You know I have better things to do with my time except read!

Amy: Okay; moving on. Caty, what was your favorite post?

Cait (impatiently): I haven’t checked my email for months and you ask if I read her blog? I liked the Christmas memories from last year, and when she talked about her devotions.

Gretchen: You haven’t read it since last year?

Cait: I told you; I have better things to do than to stay online all day.

Amy: Yet you knew about Tammy and Kevin…and your ‘where is she’ post.

Cait: That happened in the first week, and Tammy and Kevin were her NaNo project in November. I was reading it back then! I just decided to stop reading when she went into the boring, ‘I-am-a-mom’ stuff. I didn’t even enter her contest in February. Oh wait…I did…but it was another Caitlyn!

Gretchen: I enjoy her ‘Currently Reading’ sections. I’m loving some of those books myself!

Amy: Where does she find the time? She writes, she blogs, she does the Mommy thing, keeps up with the housework…whew! I’m worn out just thinking about it!

Gretchen: Same way you do. Scheduling. Letting things slide when you get ‘in the zone’. Oh, and I love her promotional ditties for her friends’ books!

Keri: Yeah; I enjoyed those too! Think anyone will ever make up one for us?

Gretchen (choking): Let’s hope they don’t base it on these discussions!


Sloane Taylor said...

Molly, you sure have your hands full with these feisty chicks!

Kudos. Great blog. I enjoyed meeting your ladies.

barbara huffert said...

Congrats Molly! I missed the very beginning but I was here for most of the year.

Ashley Ladd said...

I missed the beginning, too. But this was interesting.

Carol said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary. It's been a pleasure reading here everyday.


Molly Daniels said...

Thanks everyone:) Sometimes the tongues start wagging and you just never know what's going to come out of their mouths!

And if Caitlyn had kept reading, she'd know she was introduced in February!

J. J. Hebert said...

Happy anniversary!