Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eye-Catching Headline??

Currently Reading: Finished French Tart last night, and boy is it funny! I can't wait to read the next one:)

I also finished 2 DS9 books and am now on an original Star Trek book. I'm not reading them in any particular order; just reaching in and grabbing like always. So the series' will be mixed, and when I get them all read, then I'll put them in series and numerical order.

Hopefully I'll be ordering Anita Birt's Isabella's Story and Elyssa Edwards' Seeing Me today or tomorrow! I might even be able to get Desiree Holt's Crude Oil. And oh yes...must go to the library and check out Janet Evonovich's Lean Mean Thirteen for the NSH discussion next Sunday...we're taking a break from writing topics.

I had a brainstorm last night, just as I was settling down. I've been told that one of my stories begins too slowly, and I had the brilliant idea of starting it off with the newspaper headline which throws her into a tizzy for the entire first chapter.

The problem is...I want to make it catchy.

Two years ago, the hero made a stupid move. He got high on X and broke into his girlfriend's house to steal the electronics. He was in the process of unhooking her stereo in her room when she woke up and caught him. She managed to get her brother's attention, who subdued him while she woke up her parents and called the police.

He's the town's Golden Boy; the basketball star. And after 2 years behind bars, he's going free. And determined to win his girlfriend back, plus prove to the community he's changed.

So what should the headline read?

"Golden Boy Gets Parole"?

"Hometown Hero Goes Free"?

"Good Behavior Earns Get Out of Jail Card"?

"Star Earns Get Out of Jail Card"?

"Star Out on Good Behavior"?

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Today, more rain is due to fall. Ike is making his way to the Midwest. We were going to do some more rummaging through the storage unit, but D and K decided to watch Stargate and Stargate Atlantis all day. So yesterday was pretty lazy!

Don't know what's on tap for today, other than Church and visiting the MIL.

The other day, the Deadly Vixens interviewed Cathy Yardley. I went to her site and liked what I saw! If you like updated fairy tales, check out her site . I plan on adding at least two of her books to my TBB list.


Phoenix said...

ARGH! Sometimes husband's need to be quiet. I know he was trying to help, but ouch! Mine does the same thing when he runs to my defense. By the way, you should keep the stupid saying. :)

On today's blog, love the title too. I think I would have picked it up.

Judith Rochelle said...

Hey Molly. I like Golden Boy Gets Parole. It teases and tells at the same time.

barbara huffert said...

In the real world it wouldn't make the paper. Would it? Not here. Sorry. Just wondered.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Judith:) I'll post the excerpt tomorrow and see if anyone likes the rewrite.

Barb, that's why it's called fiction:) Small town mentality, with nothing better to do than to write about the local outlaw's antics:)