Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Friday

Currently Reading: Still reading my DS9 book. Will get to French Tart later:)

Had a power outage yesterday, so I wasn't able to read my next e-book or even spend any time online. So, we went to storage again.

Boxes/Bags repacked and labelled: 30
Boxes/Bags set aside for donation: 2
Items brought home: 1 box of coffee cups; 2 toddler plates and sippy cup for neighbor.

Kids get out early today, and if the rain lets up, we'll go back. We're halfway down the left wall of the unit:)

I also horrified K: Since he's passed the ISTEP test and no longer needs to take it, the school has decreed he and others do one of two things on the mornings they don't have school.

1) Job-shadow someone
2) Visit a college

Guess what he and a friend has decided?

"We're going to job-shadow YOU, Mom!"

Hahaha...he thinks he can watch me type for 5 minutes and then disappear downstairs to veg out on Stargate Atlantis. I informed him he will be proof-reading!

"Noooo! You mean we have to READ your love scenes?? Oh noooo..."

"Not the steamy stuff. You can proof the non-sex chapters."

He was okay with that. But I'm also going to have both boys write something! Don't know if it will be just a journal entry or if I'll have them write a short story. Anyone got any ideas? Oh yeah...they both drive, so I could send them to Jackie's house for more landscaping duty...

Have a great weekend! And keep the Texas population in your prayers. Ike is already showing up in Galveston. The am weatherman, Dave Price, was drenched when he tried to do his weather report this morning! It made a great comic relief moment, and is sure to pop up on a 'blooper' video at some later date!


Phoenix said...

heh. Make them write an alternate scene too. Like, have them read the first three chapters or something and then write the next chapter showing what they think happens next.

Molly Daniels said...

That's a GREAT idea:) And they thought they'd have 3 blow-off days...

Regina Carlysle said...

This is too funny. I'm trying to imagine these boys reading your stuff.HA. It should be quite an education for them even WITHOUT reading the sex scene.

We're bracing for the hurrican in TExas. Scary. We'll be okay because we are in west Texas but we know lots of people in that area. This is gonna be a bad one.