Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day #2 of the Job Shadow

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Okay...I've posted Pt 2 on Kenzie's Place. Go and read happily:)

I'll continue to try thoughout the day to post it here.

"Today, I want you to write me a story."

"What? No way..."

"I'm serious. Start with 'Once upon a time...' and end with 'happily ever after'. A simple, 1 or two page story."

"Okay...Once upon a time there was a kid whose mom forced him to write a stupid story. He..."

"Stop talking and go write it down."

"Can I type it?"


So with his permission, here is Pt 1 of his story, titled 'Timmy the Rat'.

Once upon a time there was a rat. But not just any rat, he had special powers.

His name was Timmy. Timmy had the ability to fly. He flew around the forest just as happy as could be. He had even found himself a cape to war with a mask to go with it. As he was making his rounds through the forest he heard a cry for help. So he listened to where to the cry came from and he followed it. He cam out into a clearing with a pond in the center of it.

The problem was obvious at first sight. There had been a baby frog and he had cried out to the Wonder Pets who came to help. While they were trying to help the baby frog, who was stuck in some really thick mud, they had got themselves stuck and now were all crying out for help.

The frog, Herman, was in the middle of the mud followed by Tuck, who thought he could help because he was a fellow amphibian, then, Ming Ming tried to fly tuck and herself out, had gotten stuck in doing this, and then Lenny who used a stick to get them out did not have enough strength and had fallen in and got stuck. So Timmy seeing all this called out to them and told them to not be afraid that he would get them out.

Timmy went over to the edge of where they were and thought of how he was going to get them out. He could fly and assist those who needed him before but this was more than he was used to but he liked a challenge. He had been working out in his little home and had been able to bench the weight of 100 snails. That’s right 100, impressive by most standards. He knew that this was way more than 100 snails. It was more like 1000 snails. (Now I’m not trying to say that the Wonder Pets and Herman are fat but Herman is a Bull Frog and that makes him bigger that the average frog one usually sees.)

Timmy remembered that the queen fairy, Veronica, had given him a pendant. Veronica had said that this pendant would help him some day do something that seemed impossible. He thought that to day was that day. But the one thing she had conveniently forgot to mention was how to activate it.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow:)

And the best part? Once he got started, he said the ideas started flowing! Granted, he has a long ways to go, but it's a start:) And he still has some 'tweaking' to do on the ending today. So that will be his assignment; finish the story and then he'll help me with a few chores before he catches a ride to school.

The spouse returned to work today!

Check out what BB, Anny, Ashley, and Regina are up to today. And on The Deadly Vixens, this entire week they are posting interviews with editors of The Wild Rose Press and giving some great advice!


anny cook said...

My granddaughter is writing a story about a race of people called the Florians. Kids have the most wonderful imaginations.

Sloane Taylor said...

Molly, your son's imagination is terrific! Obviously, writing talent runs in your family.

You may have opened a new door for his future.

Good Luck to him.:)

Molly Daniels said...

I was fully expecting him to start out with '...a kid whose mom forced him to write...' and he ended up surprising me:) I know my daughter has the talent; she put her first 'book' together in kindergarten, and continues to make up stories. She is trying her hand at art right now; I hope she returns to writing some day.

At least when he makes it to NASA, he'll be able to 'entertain' the astronauts:)

barbara huffert said...

How cool! I can't wait to find out how the pendant works.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Tell your son he's doing an awesome job - I'm looking forward to part two!