Friday, September 5, 2008


Currently Reading: JOTN Story #2: Erotic Sacrifice by Cynthia Rayne. Forget what I said a week ago about yada yada-ing the sex scenes! WOW! I'll admit, the religious aspect of this story bothered me, but I read every single word. And guess what #3 is? Hot Under the Collar, by Katie Blu:) Since I don't have an e-reader, I'll get to this one again on Monday. And that also means my schedule for book-buying has been moved up. Looks like Anita Birt's Isabella's Story, Elyssa Edwards' Seeing Me, and Desiree Holt's Crude Oil are next:)

I'm running away from home today, and I'm taking two of my kids with me. S is being dropped off at her friend's home, and she's looking forward to seeing a couple of her old friends over the weekend.

K is also connecting with a friend, but he's also going to be my chauffer. And help me set up/tear down! That way, I don't have to worry about fighting for parking, but I will have to trust he remembers to pick me up each night!

Have a great weekend and I'll report back either Sunday night or Monday. Just depends on how tired I am.

Be sure to check out the blogs to the right, and especially AJ, Dakota, and Regina's blogs, as Regina's new book, Killer Curves, is released today! I'm waiting to hear back if she wants a release ditty. I've not written one in a while...hmmm...will have all weekend to work on it!

Here's a thought for the upcoming election:
How about we just elect both candidates; have a co-presidency. And then let the American people vote for which policies to implement? I know; probably would never work. But it was just a thought I had this morning! Don't throw things at me...I'm leaving town anyway!


Unknown said...

Have fun running away. Enjoy!

jackie said...

It used to be that way (both paries at least) a long time ago

Sandra Cox said...

Have fun!