Friday, September 26, 2008

Sick Kids and Computer Probs

Currently Reading: Could not take my eyes off of Isabella's Story! I sat down at the computer after Dad left and had to keep scrolling! Anita did a wonderful job showing the inner turmoil of a young girl and her tyrant father. I wanted to jump in and slap her parents, and rescue her myself:) Now I'm looking forward to Isabella's Diary! So far, this series is a recommended must read for everyone! You can find it at Cerridwen Press:)

Next up: Suprised by Desire by Katie Blu...I'm on chapter 4, I think. The characters are out of the cave and having another encounter at the B&B. Very anxious to get back to this one; I've got some of the same arguments in one of my books, and want to see how close the two solutions are.

Print book: I'm on the last of the DS9 books, a trilogy called The Rebels.

With the changing weather around here, the sniffles have taken over my kids. K has an allergy test next Wed, and is banned from his allergy meds for a week, to ensure an accurate reading. He stayed home on Wednesday.

W also came down with it, and stayed home on Wednesday as well; on Tuesday his teacher reported he was pretty listless. And this active toddler spent the afternoon lying in front of the TV, instead of playing outside with his trucks.

Now it's S's turn. She actually went to bed early last night, and this morning could barely talk. I sent her back to bed and expect her to sleep for another couple of hours.

My desktop continues to have its issues. I've been managing to post, but halfway through reading the other posts, JavaScript disables, and I end up switching to the laptop! Therefore, I do not check my yahoo account unless I'm expecting mail there, and I missed out on Brynn's chat yesterday! Arrrggghhhh! Read the digests today and I missed out on some great excerpts! No problem; I saved the ones I haven't read and will do so later today.

Good Visit!
Yesterday was fun. My dad mentioned he needed exercise, so we walked over to W's school to collect him. W had a great time showing off for his grandpa, and proudly showing him how to look both ways before crossing the streets. And holding tight to Grandpa's hand at the two extra-busy intersections!

We went to Burger King for lunch and watched W play in the Playscape. Afterwards, we went over to Office Max and I picked up my new batch of bookmarks. Dad dropped us at home and went to 'wander Indiana'.

Around 5, he returned and talked with the teens. We went out to dinner at Applebees and had an enjoyable visit. He's looking forward to seeing us again in three weeks when we go up for K's Purdue visit, as well as he and Mom's 45th wedding anniversary. Found out my sister is bringing D and R, so the weekend will definitely be a good one, and my mom will have not only her two chicks but all 5 grandchicks under her roof! (I'd say 'chicklets' but my boys and teens would complain!) And twice in the same year? Amazing! This hasn't happened since...1994, when Wendy came home from the Peace Corps.

I probably won't post until later tomorrow; BB is picking me up bright and early so we can eat breakfast and scope out the other author booths before the event begins. Wish us luck and many sales!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have Isabelle's Diary too. And good luck on your writing!!

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Kell:) I'm horribly blocked this week for some reason.

Sandra Cox said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit. Going to Purdue? I'm envious. I worked there for eleven years.