Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav is Approaching!

Currently Reading: Read the first story in JOTN, and LIKED it! Interesting world BJ McCall has created...if I have time, I'll read the next story.

Forgot to mention: I won Sloane Taylor's French Tart in the Novel Sisterhood Challenge over the weekend, and it arrived in my inbox yesterday:)

We're about to receive some much-needed rain. And the good part? It's all supposed to be gone and into Ohio by Friday afternoon!

Which means, not only will the festival be DRY this weekend, but the humidity and temps should be veeeery nice! Highs in the mid to upper 70's! So to all my friends who have been sweltering in the heat, hop on I-70 to Indianapolis; get off at exit 54 (I think??? It's been a year since I've been up there!) SR 39 and turn EAST. You'll run right into the middle of Monrovia:)

There will be rides, food, games, and vendors. And you'll also see ME! I've got a green canopy and a large table with my books, promo items, and three other author's books to show anyone who's interested. Not for sale; just for show. I'll be there from Friday night until Sunday afternoon...after the parade, the thing pretty much winds down! I'm hoping for many sales; several of my old friends and neighbors don't even know the second book has been published yet, and the ones I've told, I hope they spread the word!


Kelly Kirch said...

We could use some rain too. If you're expected to get some, then that must mean we are too. That would explain the hazy look to the sky.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

We've had rain all day long and it's been wonderful. Hopefully you'll get some too.

Ashley Ladd said...

Have fun! I'd love to go there for a few reasons. Let us know how it goes.