Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Women, Genetics, and Gov't Assistance

Currently Reading: Read Bad Brad, by Cheryl Dragon the other night, and I think I'm burning out on the BSDM stories. I enjoyed the interaction and the love between the two men, but I'll have to reread this again in a couple of months.

Also finished Mating Stone, by Elyssa Edwards, and wow! Very well done! I was initially ready to jump into the story and shake Luke and Mark for their evasiveness, but when everything was I can't wait to read Lover's Stone! And I love the way a certain children's song played through the entire book:)

Got a surprise yesterday: Kelly sent me Jewels of the Nile, and I went ahead and read Hot Under the Collar. I loved it! I laughed all the way through the story! The humor is priceless, and especially the way she describes some of the scenes! And the me a favor and just buy the book! I promise you; you won't be disappointed in Katie Blu's contribution! I'll be reading Surprised by Desire in a few weeks; I'm sorry this author only wrote 3 books. But hopefully the humor continues in her new genre! Today I'll go back and begin reading the other stories in this anthology.

Word Count: 1633 in two days.

WARNING: This post contains three potentially explosive issues. If you're not in the mood for controversy, please skip today's post.

I don't usually get into political discussions, but as I was watching the morning news, something got my attention.

Rudy Giulliani fired back at Maggie Rodriguez for asking if a woman with five children, one of which is a special-needs child, could really run for the second-highest office. He replied that no one ever asked Obama, or any other male candidate, if fatherhood was an issue during the campaign.

And the man has a point. Let's face it; mothers have many hats, and most of us are very capable of juggling responsibilities! Organization is the key. And I'll admit, I didn't really start paying attention to politics until the Clinton years, and I don't recall if that question was ever brought up to Sandra Day O'Conner when she was first put on the bench of the Supreme Court. I was in high school at the time (I think...might have been jr. high), and could have cared less at the time what was going on.

I know nothing about Palin's political career, but if the people of Alaska elected her while pregnant, and are very happy with her, then I think she's proving herself capable of whatever comes her way. Will I vote for her and McCain? I'm still undecided who I'm voting for in November.

A Cheating Gene?
I'm shaking my head over this one. So now compulsive cheaters have an excuse? "It's genetic...I can't help myself..." BULLSHIT! There is ALWAYS a choice!

Just like homosexuality...alcoholism...depression...there is always a choice. It's a proven fact that I've gotten a genetic whammy when it comes to alcoholism...on my mother's side, I have an uncle, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother with the problem. And on my father's side, there are numerous aunts and uncles who are maybe borderline alcoholics. But do I use my genetic predisposition to drink myself silly? No; I know it's in my family, and I made a decision to drink responsibly. Same thing with depression; it's in my family, and I can recognize the signs to 'snap' myself out of it, or seek help if it gets overwhelming.

I don't know if it's ever been proven on the homosexuality gene; I have a friend who is a lesbian, and when that study came out, the first words out of her mouth were, "See? It's in my blood; it's who I am." I'm not knocking her choice of lifestyle, but yes, she has a choice. She had relationships with men before she chose to switch, and though she says now she's always known she was different, she still had the choice to act on it.

So don't use genetics as an excuse.

What should Food Stamps be used for?
This is another sticky subject. It came up in casual converation with neighbors, and I rolled my eyes when it was revealed that someone they knew was using the govornment assistance money to buy the high-priced food they normally couldn't afford. WHAT?

We had to go on food stamps a couple of years ago. We put a massive amount of food in the house, while only getting $175 a month. We stocked up on staples...canned goods, flour, sugar, bread, butter, and meat from the local butcher. The 'luxeries'...cookies, potato chips, candy, or pizzas we used our cash to buy. Our family of five received less than another family of five who also had horses, two brand new cars, and six dogs. Why? They were considered 'self-employed'. I'm not begrudging their choices; I'm simply questioning them. Several times during this time, my friend would complain she was out of meat, and their monthly money not due for another week. I was able to open my freezer and give her hamburger, pork chops, and even a beef or pork roast. And we had less money than they did! Made no sense.

Okay. I'm off my soapbox. Just had to get this off my chest. I'm off to check out what's going on in my blogmates' worlds and to start the laundry. Pick up the toddler. Write another page or two on the new wip. Kelly's cracking her whip at me, so I'd better get busy!


Kelly Kirch said...

Hey!! Thanks for the fabulous review!!! Good news, Katie has three more out there which are yet to be given pub dates. Plus there is a fourth over at TEB called Office Politics.

;) I'm an obvious promoter aren't I?

Molly Daniels said...

Oh goodie:) It won't end with OP??? Yay!

BTW...Mom LOVED Marriage Mart! I left a comment on your blog.

jackie said...

Politics Molly, Hummmm! Should I really get into this with you. Palin's career is sketchy and somewhat less than Obamas. Yes she is female, and as your friendly feminist...I DON'T want her in office.
Homosexaulity, well, I don't want anyone telling me what to do in my home, so regardless of where it comes from...let it ride.
Now for depression, I am a LIFETIME sufferer. Those like me, can't always just snal out of it Molly! It is something that has to be lived through. Some have chemical imbalances that medication is needed for, this also plays into the genetic end of it. I don't believe that imbalances in your body are controlable by choice.
Food Stamps. I agree. Many of those who get them, misuse them, sell them, or don't buy things appropriae, like your nieghbor. The greatest shame is what they have dome to the elderly in reference to food stamps. Many older individuals cannot qualify, and they end up eating the cat food.
I like you believe that cheating and its supposed "gene" is an excuse. It is bunk!
Sorry for the slam but you KNOW I am up for a bit of argument now and then!

Molly Daniels said...

I wasn't talking about chemical imbalances; I was talking about using it as an excuse not to seek help:)

Love you Jackie:)