Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day #1 of the Job Shadow

Currently reading: Forget what I said the other day about not reading the Star Trek series in order. K accidentally knocked over the box, and when he put them back, they were topsy-turvy. And when I woke up at 4:30 am yesterday, I decided to organize them. So I'm reading the original series first, of which there are only 5. I already read Vulcan Force, and am now on Sarek.

"You mean you were serious? But Mom..."

"No buts. Here; proof-read this...without spell check."


(Five minutes later)

"Okay; it's done."

"Good. Now hit 'control A'..."

"You mean I'm not done? But you said..."

"You're going to actually work for a few minutes. Now just follow my instructions."

"Can't I do it this way? (Demonstrates.) Oh...why isn't it working?"

"See? Do it my way."

(Argues with the computer why his 'normal method' isn't working)

(Sigh) "Okay did you do that again?"

He successfully copies the manuscript and is amazed when he discovers if he listens to his mother, she actually does know what the hell she's talking about!

He 'worked' with me for 30 minutes, and then I released him to eat some breakfast and watch some Stargate episodes. He also helped me with the laundry; cleaned up the living room; played with his little brother; and went to the store for some milk.

What's on tap today? I may take him over to campus and show him around. Or have him write a story. And we will definitely go back to the storage unit and go through some more boxes!

Check out the new kid on the blog, BB Walter:) Ha! I finally figured out how to do that! Okay...Tabitha showed me how the other night...


barbara huffert said...

No adding the next chapter? I liked that idea.

Molly Daniels said...

No, but he wrote a really cute story this morning! I've asked him if I can post it tomorrow; he already wants to make changes after he get home from school (He was off all day yesterday; only half today and tomorrow.).

B.B. Walter said...

Hey, this isn't related to your post, but I wanted to ask a question.

How the heck did you add favorite links, your book covers, etc. over to the sidebar? You got me into doing this blog thing, so you have to help me now!! *LOL*