Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Can I Get a Recount?"

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Next up is Teach Me by Cindy Spencer Pape.

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Something shocking happened last night.

I discovered I'm no longer popular, at least with this year's group of parents!

I went to the meeting last night (giving up a free meal and free MP3 player, I might add!) to defend my seat on the Policy Council. Two new moms decided to also run, and while we only needed one more person, my name was not chosen.

Okay; last year, I wanted the seat, but another parent pushed hard for it, so I withdrew my name and let him have the position, especially since his child had been part of Head Start the year before.

I found out later he was unable to attend meetings, and by May had resigned from the council.

Thus, I was asked to take his place. And I've loved it!

Maybe I didn't make my position clear enough? I told the twenty-odd people present that I had the social work background and was finally getting up the courage to question some of the decisions made, and that this was my final year to do it. The four of us left the room so the parents could vote.

I was feeling rather confident; my thinking was/is, if you have someone who's already on the council and likes it, keep them in the position!

But apparently others didn't see it that way.

So I guess if one of the two new members decides they can no longer fulfill their obligations to the council, then I will be asked to step up again?

Deja vu...

Back in 1990, I had only been working for an agency for three months when the administration had a huge upheaval, and because of my background, I was bumped up to supervisor. During that transitional summer, I trained people, dealt with a rapid turnover of workers, and calmed developmentally challenged kids and adults when their caregivers suddenly left or moved elsewhere in the facility. The new administrators took over in September and suddenly I was demoted, and the person I had trained and worked with was promoted over me! He didn't agree with the decision, so privately we co-supervised our group, and things went well.

Until my personal life took a turn for the worse four months later, and I had to suddenly leave town to get away from an abusive idiot who couldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Sigh...yes, in a way another rejection, but I'll live. The people who were in favor of my staying on the council were not allowed to vote, as they were staff or part of the parent committee:)

Good thing I have thick skin...for more on this, I'm a guest blogger over at The Grip. Stop by and say hi!


barbara huffert said...

Aw, sorry Molly. Yep, if it's up to me you get a Monday do-over. Oh, for what it's worth, I say if they ask you to step in later in the year tell them no thank you.

barbara huffert said...
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Ashley Ladd said...


I got demoted once so I know it's not fun. That would be so rotten of the parents to expect you to pick up the pieces after they didn't vote you in.

Molly Daniels said...

I was thinking about this after I posted: When God closes a door, He opens a window...

I got 'clued in' that a staff Policy Council member was shocked about it too, and is looking to see if there is a way I could still be on the council, or on another advisory board. So we'll see what happens!