Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer Issues

Currently reading: Read HUTC and the 4th story; both excellent! Will get to the 5th one later this afternoon. Did I mention I won French Tart by Sloane Tayler last week? Haven't started on it yet, but will probably get to it by Friday. Haven't bought anything new yet.

I'm having to resort to my temporary office again. Yesterday, the laptop wouldn't load my aol mail, so came here to read and delete. Today, my desktop/internet is having connection's like dial-up all over again.

Seriously; after the screen finally loaded, I clicked on the mail icon and went to make the bed. When I was finished, it was loading the screen. I clicked on my first message and waited...and I went and did my QT. Five minutes later, my message was up! And then tried to load a web page.

Ten minutes later, nothing was happening, so I managed to sign out and shut off the PC. Ticked off my hubby when I grabbed my notebook and went out the door!

Update: while I was gone, hubby found our new anti-virus software we'd gotten three weeks ago and loaded it. So far it's found over 300 items! NO WONDER the thing wouldn't run!

Today we may actually get some work accomplished on the storage unit. Yesterday we took my canopy and table over, and made a plan on how to proceed. After we pick up the toddler and have lunch, we're heading over.

Good news!
I totalled up how many books I've sold this year, and it is a modest 51:) Why is this good news? LFAW has out-sold LIS in its first year! I've either gotten better at promotion or my confidence in myself is paying off. I've sold 37 copies of LFAW this year, and it took me 4 years to sell that many copies of LIS. Of course, crawling into a hole and hiding for the first six months after I was published didn't do me any good either...

Now I just need to find a publisher for the next one:)


Unknown said...

Congrats on selling so many copies. I'm terrible at book signings and face to face promo.

barbara huffert said...

Oh don't you just hate when your computer is that slow!