Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Productive Wednesdays

Currently Reading: Teach Me was fantastic! I loved the way Cindy showed how initial lust can settle into the loving routine of two people who genuinely care about the other's lives!

I'm up to chapter 4 on Measure of Healing, am finding it very well thought out! Can hardly wait to get back to it:)

Finished the 3rd book in TNG series...and could have skipped the 2nd book altogether. Now I'm on the DS9 book. Dr. Bashir has been duped into non-stop gambling for an alien who's determined to bankrupt Quark and wreck havok on the galaxy. I'm on Ch 10...I think. Some of the chapters are only two or more pages.

First of all, a shout out to my BFF Erica. Happy belated 19th anniversary:)'ve managed to put up with D that long; next year we'll have to celebrate your infinite patience:)

I also missed another friend's daughter's 4th??? birthday, so happy belated birthday, S:)

BB, if you're reading this, please email me! (sorry...we're having communication issues!)

When I worked for a trucking company, I overheard my boss say that only the trucks we made on Wednesdays were the first ones to hit the road, so to speak. When I asked why, he said it was because on Monday, workers were hung over from the weekend; Tuesday they were still recovering; Wed they did their best work, and Thursday started anticipating the weekend. Friday trucks were pretty much guarrenteed not to be worth much.

I've noticed this in my promotional life. Mondays, I'm recovering from my 'high' of the signings; Tuesday and Wednesdays I'm fired up and ready to make calls, order promo materials, and even get some writing accomplished. Thursdays are somewhat productive, but it's Laundry day so maybe I'll mainly read. And on Friday, I'm picking out my outfit and preparing for my trip.

Does anyone else do this?

Today's Stupid Saying:

Don't return used condoms to the distributor through the mail.
-note inside a packet of condoms by the Ansell International company of Australia.

Oh yeah. I always want to give tangible evidence that they work, don't you? SNORT!


Anonymous said...

Monday I'm ready to go after taking Sunday off. Tuesday, I'm still hyped. Wednesday is cramped with early school pick ups and club meetings for the kids. Thursday and Friday NEVER make sense. Saturday is a writing marathon where I push and push and push because Sunday I can relax again.

Sandra Cox said...

Hello, Ms. Molly, how are you?

JacquƩline Roth said...

I would agree with that somewhat in my line of work. Mondays are pretty quiet since the kids are often still tired. Tuesdays are productive. Wednesdays are usually pretty good days and so are Friday's, surprisingly. Thursdays I call Alien Suck days. Each Wednesday night aliens seem to suck the brains out of my students. I never teach a new concept on Thursdays.