Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Long Does it Take to Air Up a Tire???

Auto Tech 101

Option #1: Do It Yourself.

Step 1: Pull up to air hose.
Step 2: Insert air nozzle into uncapped tire stem.
Step 3: Check pressure with tire gauge; replace cap.
Step 4: Replace air hose on the canister.
Step 5: Drive away.

Elapsed time: 60 seconds or less. More if you need to air multiple tires.

Option #2: The Walmart Way

Step 1: Drive up to auto bay and inquire about air hose. Told to drive into bay and talk to CSM at the counter.
Step 2: Ask CSM about putting air into tire. Answer questions pertaining to road hazard warranty of the tire, including a phone call to Walmart store 100 miles away to verify the tire, and told to sit.
Step 3: Wander store looking for wife, who is grocery shopping. Find her at the cookie aisle.
Step 4: Give wife credit card to pay for groceries; return to auto center and discover said tire has been taken off car, removed from the rim, and checked for leaks.
Step 5: Remove toddler from stack of tires.
Step 6: Discover the guy working on tire has gone to lunch.
Step 7: Explain to wife why the delay.
Step 8: Find toddler in flower aisle.
Step 9: Explain to manager that there was NO PROBLEM with the tire; all you needed was a shot of air!
Step 10: Wife distracts toddler by looking at flashlights.
Step 11: Told worker is back from lunch and will have tire back on car soon.
Step 12: Console toddler when door alarm goes off, scaring him. The manager accidentally set it off with her card.
Step 13: Tell the guy you KNOW there was no evidence of a nail or even a leak!
Step 14: Follow him to your car and listen to him apologize profusely for the misunderstanding.
Step 15: Drive away thinking, “What part of ‘I need air in my tire’ didn’t you understand?”

Elapsed time: 1 hour, 15 minutes!

If the ONLY air hose at the gas station on this side of town hadn’t been broken, option #2 could have been avoided! This actually happened yesterday from 2-3:15 pm!

I was finished shopping by 2:30. The entire incident went from absurd to insane by the time we left!


Phoenix said...

Shoot by then I'd be down on my knees blowing into the little tube thing myself.

Bronwyn Green said...

I've always believed that Walmart was tangible evidence of evil.

Sandra Cox said...


Bron, the hh is pretty much of your mind set:)

Molly Daniels said...

It was a case of get mad and raise the blood pressure, or laugh about it:) Unfortunately, WM is the cheapest place in the town to shop for good food, w/the exception of fresh meat and produce.

The auto dept apparently had left their brains at home...or else they were so desperate for customers, they seized the opportunity to actually DO something!

Tara S Nichols said...

Oh that is painful and I'm sorry, also funny. I'm in agreement with Bronywn about Walmart and tangible evidence of Evil.