Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Promo Opportunity??

Currently Reading: Spent the weekend devouring Wendi Christner's The Water Bearer. Talk about a tear-jerker! Really enjoyed it!

Woke up Saturday morning to the sounds of a traffic jam on our street. Apparently the neighbors two doors down were having a yard sale.

After throwing on some clothes and going over myself (came home with a pair of $10 barely-used rollar blades for W, a $2 toaster oven for D (yes, it works!), a $1 CD box and a .50 over-the-door hook for me), I had the brilliant idea to try out my new lawn sign.

I set out both print books in their stands and the newly-burned copies of Kenzie's CD's in the new box (with the brochures stacked in the back to hold them up), and stuck my lawn sign where it could be seen from the passing cars.

No one came over, but I did notice several looks! And while joking with the neighbors about setting up my display, I did manage to tell people about the Wine and Art Festival next Saturday.

In all fairness, I probably would have done better had my display been on a table in the front grass, rather than my porch, and had I set everything out at 7am, rather than 10:30! And by 2pm, the traffic had pretty much disappeared. But hey...maybe some of the people in those cars will remember me in the coming months, as I promote at several venues around this county?

Successful Party!
Had a good turnout for K's Thank You party for those who helped him with his Eagle Scout project:) The boys played baseball; ate until they were stuffed; and even took some home for their families.

We had a nice breeze flowing through the shelter house, and had fogged the place before setting up, so the bugs stayed away. W loved the location, because he could play on the swings and three different climbing areas and still be within eyesight and yelling distance. He played hard and fell asleep early.

S came home for the evening, but is leaving for Lafayette to spend the week at her grandparents' house. Too bad she couldn't go up next week; K leaves for BSA summer camp. If she and W were gone...and D at work, I'd have a nice vacation! But no....she's choosing this week. Maybe later this month I can send all three kids north for a week?

I'm off to get another cup of coffee and dive into the laundry pile. One good thing about the impromptu display on Saturday: I was able to organize my promo stuff in the rollie cart, and I know what I need to order from Office Max this week!

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Anny Cook said...

Sounds busy to me! Have fun with the laundry.