Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Tiger Woods has this aroma about him
-golfer Ben Curtis, probably (hopefully!!) meaning to say 'aura'

Hubby is now #19 on the list. Even the union president is worried about the amount of work due to be released this year.

Everything happens for a reason; we just won't know what it is until the BIG PICTURE has been revealed. I can certainly look back and speculate:

-We tried to resist moving down here, but utimately did. Gas prices promptly went out of control. If we had stayed in our old home, we wouldn't have been able to afford the gas to go anywhere. Living in town, the kids could walk or ride their bikes.

-My writing was also stagnate; within four months of the move, I was connected to DSL internet instead of dial-up, and joined a wonderful group of authors online. A year later, I was also introduced to my wonderful Laptop Society. Oh yeah...and have two books out now. In short, my career has been jump-started, thanks to the move!

-The kids have befriended several others who have sought refuge at my house from fighting parents, boy/girlfriend problems, or just need a daily hug.

-This has been a great exercise in patience, and W has picked up some valuable social skills he probably wouldn't have access to up north ie: Head Start, friends in the neighborhood his own age.

-I've learned I can pull part-time single-parent duty, though at times I royally suck at it. Now I'm learning if I can hold down a job working 5-8 hours a day and still keep my sanity. Right now, D's been doing the cooking. I come home at 5 to cook dinner and eat, and return at 7, but he's been fixing the food, so I can hop online and keep up with my inbox! This weekend, we'll find out if he and the kids can handle the laundry, or will it fall to Mom to be up early or stay up late, getting it all done.

-Boss and other coworker had emergencies yesterday, so thank GOD they trained me to fill in while T went the hospital for a possible heart attack (turned out to be a pinched nerve and anxiety attack...if he hadn't gone, he'd be a candidate for shoulder surgery in a few weeks, the docs said!) and B went home with a fever of 101. Now I know why I wasn't supposed to go to Hazelwood....

Update on WIP:
I've been able to write in longhand during the down times, and have the grand total of half a page. It's mainly description, and I've decided after reading it out loud to several people for their insights, I've modeled my hero after Trace Atkins, minus the facial hair, and in better physical condition. (I saw Trace with his shirt off in the first Celebrity Apprentice, so give the man a washboard stomach and there's my Josh, lol!)

Still in Mild Shock
After the news concerning my friend, I literally could not sleep Thursday evening (well, okay...two hours' worth!) and finally emailed her at 6am yesterday. Don't know what her reaction will be; I'll wait a few weeks before contacting her again in case I've royally pissed her off. Of course, if she contacts me first, then we'll talk. In the meantime, work is keeping my mind off of it.

I crashed later than I thought I would last night. Though I did have four large cups of sweet tea yesterday, so the caffeine probably was a factor. But around 10:30 pm, my body shut down. I slept, uninterrupted, until 9am. I feel wonderful, but now I have only a couple hours in which to get my online work accomplished before getting in the shower and returning to the store. I've set my own hours, but told them I'd be in between 12 and 1pm today. Hell Week is about to kick off, and we had pretty much a steady stream of people in and out yesterday, more than I've seen in the past few times I've been in the store.

So with that said, I'll probably not blog again until Monday, but then, you knew that from the last couple of weeks, didn't you?

I think I'll be guest-blogging in the Author Spotlight at tomorrow, if a) she contacts me or b) I have the time to fill out the questions I copied-and-pasted from her last post. Check in tomorrow and see. I'll try to remember to repost the link before I go to bed tonight.

Daughter didn't take her laptop to her 'other Mommy's' house! Yay...I can take it with me today and maybe get my 'interview' finished, after all!!!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday to my dad, who turns 67 tomorrow!

"Happy happy happy birthday
Happy happy happy birthday
Happy happy happy birthday
To you, to you, to you, OLE'!"

Love you, Dad:)


Molly Daniels said...

Still no email; I'm going to spell check it and send it. See what happens in the morning!

Molly Daniels said...

Oh, and the laundry? Mom's Job, according to D. Apparently, ten or so years ago, I went ballistic when he 'did it wrong'. I have no memory of it...

Unknown said...

Often things happen for the best.

Good luck to your hubby on the job front. My daughter is still looking. When my hubby was out of work, I couldn't get him to cook or clean.

I'm pretty much writing by hand at the moment. I killed another lap top (at least the family blames it on me) and this computer's being deadly slow so I have to have DS1 look at it. Some days I want to scream, especially last night when I looked at the books in Barnes & Nobles and recognized so many people I've met whose names are on the books. I'm happy for them but so mad at myself.

Unknown said...

As per the laundry and your DH's reaction - that's what my hubby says when he wants to get out of doing something.

Anny Cook said...

Heh. In my house, laundry is the responsibility of the owner of the clothing. Bad enough I get stuck with sheets and towels...