Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch. 23 in Mrs. Sato's book. Ch 21 covered their travels all over the world, and Ch 22 was all about Shozo's illness and his sudden, shocking death. He was all set to go home from the hospital in 1989 when he suffered a heart attack.

Physiotherapist required for orthopedic rehab clinic.
actual classified ad

I think I'll send in my application....

Wine and Art Festival...and An 'Anniversary' of Sorts:
I'm off to the Wine and Art Festival, were last year at this time, I had the pleasure of meeting author J. Travis Grundon for the first time:) You know the saying looks can be deceiving? When I saw him walking towards us, I thought he was just another tattooed character arriving to ask us where to purchase the tickets.

To my surprise, fellow author BB Walter, who was sharing the booth with me, gasped, "Travis made it!' and hurried over to him.

I quickly put any judgements aside and greeted him cordially, and when he and I found out we shared the same taste in wine, well, that just sealed the deal! He invited me to join his Writer's Guild; I did in late June, and the rest is history.

So happy 'friend-versary', Trav...since I've known you, you've published independantly; gotten and rejected a movie deal; been through two or three girlfriends; and now have a reputable contract for your next book, out August 1st. Plus you've gotten me to actually write two short stories and inspired another storyline (which I'm still on chapter 2!). Not to mention, provided some valuable humor and advice while I was going through the edit stage in April! He's also introduced me to an awesome bunch of creative people in town, and my life is richer because of it.

Had some more bookmarks and CD inserts made up yesterday, but forgot about the poster! Hopefully they're still only a dollar, and Amanda at Office Max will print one out for me ASAP?? Off to call her:)


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo...I sold 2 and you only sold 1:)


Anonymous said...

Shut up; technically, it was 3-2:)


Sandra Cox said...

Yup, I think we all need to make a career change to Physiotherapist:) Thanks for the laugh.
Have a good Sunday, Molly.

Anny Cook said...

Yeah... I'll go for that job. ONly need to work one hour per year... oh, all right, make it two hours.