Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sucessful Operation!

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch 15 on Mrs. Sato's Memories I Choose To Keep. The war is over, and she's discussing her marital life. She also described what others experienced during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Horrible, horrible way to die, if one isn't instantly killed! And I'm shaking my head, aghast at the way her husband's family treated him; apparently, he and another brother were 'fostered out' for a period of their growing up time, and neither one really ever felt accepted by their 'real' mother. While the other brothers were provided with education and nearly anything they wanted, Shozo felt inferior and ran away in order to put himself through high school and law school. But when the war was over, his parents provided a house for he and Kazuko, although once the younger brother came back to town, they were told the house was only for the younger brother and his wife, and Shozo and Kazuko were forced to move again. (Yeah, I was scratching my head over that one too.) So far, this is a fascinating look at another culture, and how modern times and traditional times overlap. Kazuko was a modern city girl, and Shozo was determined to stick to the 'old ways'. BUT...when it came to their daughters, he allowed Kazuko free reign as far as their education and growing up, even though their marriages were also arranged by a go-between. And yes, Kazuko Sato is 90 years old; she was born in April of 1919. I'm looking forward to seeing her the next time I'm home, and giving this wonderful lady a big hug. My respect for her has gone up several notches!

Keri's story has been revamped now for the fourth time. Why fourth? Here's the journey it took:

1985: Got bored one day during a lull in Amy's story and wrote a scene. The main character was Keri, and she was griping about her boyfriend Kyle.

1987: Keri emerges as a character in Amy's book.

1991: I came across the half-written scene and decided to make Keri the subject of book #3, titled Forbidden Love, and pattern it after Judy Blume's First Love. It is also written in 1st person.

1998: I decide Kyle needs a voice in the book, so I insert several scenes written from his perspective.

Later that same year: With tears in my eyes, I finish the final scene in her book. (Don't laugh...I know you've done this too!)

2000: I get a phone call/email from my 'agent', requesting the book be switched to 3rd person. It takes me a week (and I'm still finding mistakes!)

2008: Submitted it to Sapphire Blue in their first/last contest. It makes it to round #2, but not the top 10 finals. Reason? Doesn't have the required HEA. And as I later found out, my series is NOT considered romance, but womem's fiction!

Later that year: I decide to cut the first 6 chapters and speed up the seduction. Keri yells at me, but settles down once beta readers say they like the new beginning better than the old!

2009: Amidst a tantrum inside my creative brain, I cut the final 3 chapter; insert a scene; copy-and-paste my personal favorite love scene; modify it to fit the time frame; insert another scene. Boom! least for now.

Near Miss:
I nearly had a heart attack when I clicked on my Off The Clock story...the file was damaged, and nothing I did would bring it back. So I went looking for the backup file.

Guess what? Apparently I hadn't copied it anywhere! Oops...

But then I remembered I'd sent it to Travis. I fired off an email, requesting he send it back. And then thought...what are the odds it's still in my Sent Mail file? I clicked over...scrolled down...and there it was. Now there are two copies, and I'm going to save it to CD as well. Whew...

Home News:
On the home front, things are still in limbo. K goes to his football conditioning three days a week, and came home with his shoulder pads and helmet the other day. My camera batteries died just as I was about to take a picture of W wearing them...he looked soooooo cute! S is enjoying herself up at Grandma's, and I still have no idea when she's coming home. My spouse received some good news; his Federal Extension is still open, so yes, we will still have income after next week. I also discovered that the Wine and Art Fair is NOT all day Saturday, but rather from 2-6pm. If I can talk my spouse into it, I'll pay the $10 to set up at the Farmer's Market. I also have to negotiate on which promo items are ABSOLUTELY necessary for Saturday. Wish me luck. Hopefully, I'll have good sales!

I've also managed to reconnect with yet another classmate on FaceBook:) Maybe past differences can be set aside, and any misconceptions cleared up?? Let's hope so...she likes to read!


Unknown said...

Mrs. Sato's book must be fascinating. Such a different world than we'd ever experience.
Wishes for lots of sales this weekend!

Sandra Cox said...

Whew! I've had to rely on the sent file before too. What a blood pressure check!