Friday, June 5, 2009

July Reading Schedule

Just realized I didn't post this! Too wrapped up in the weather, I guess...

No Holds Barred-Jayden Chelsee (EP)

Heart and Soul-Ashley Ladd (TEB)
Beyond Meddling-Barbara Huffert (TEB)

The Oath: Bound-Adrianne Brennan (FB)
Summer Heat-Elizabeth Black (Excitica??)

Drake’s Rules-Barb Huffert (CP)
Gillian’s Place-Rob Graham (AMP)
Infidelity-Debbie Gould (Red Rose Pub)

And yes, some of these overlap from last month. That's what happens when money's tight!

I'm into chapter 2 of Cindy Spencer Pape's Stone and Sea and enjoying it!

K had his first 'accident' this morning. He was leaving his morning football conditioning when someone flagged him down and told him a girl had rear-ended his parked car. He called us and D went over. Turned out to only be a broken taillight, but the girl was only on her 2nd day of solo driving and scared stiff! And her mother works for an insurance company...Thank god it wasn't anything more major!

If the weather holds out, I may go see Robert Earl Keen's free concert tonight. I've not really been out of the house since Tuesday, and feel the need for a break from the spouse and his attempts to put me on a guilt trip. Why? I paid the utilities and now he doesn't have the extra funds to go buy the welder to fix my chair. you hear me griping about my website? No; I have this free blog I can still promote, and I'm content to use the kitchen chair. If this keeps up, I'll be digging out that cast iron skillet...

Off to shower and do a few chores. We have a BSA party planned for Sunday, and need to go pay the park shelter fee by 5pm. It's for everyone who helped on K's Eagle Project, as a Thank You.

Edits Coming Along
I'm up to chapter 5, and have spotted a few problems not noticed last year. I'm still not happy with the POV changes; I may have to make minor adjustments here and there.

TGIF everyone:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Have a great weekend, Molly!

barbara huffert said...

Hey cool, I'm on your list. Lol!

Molly Daniels said...

You've always been on my list, Barb! It just took me a year to get around to you:)

When I read it, I'll repost your parody, okay?