Friday, June 19, 2009


Currently Reading: To Love a Hero, by Mona Risk. I tried to buy the print edition at Christmas, but Amazon refunded my money and said it was 'unavailable'. Fortunately, Mona's been running a contest on her blog, and I won it the other day! She's got some beautiful pictures posted from all over the world; you should check it out for yourselves!

Book-buying has been put on 'hold' until the spouse goes to work, or I stop spending my earnings at the bar (Rare occurrance!) or in the gas tank! (See Monday's post.)

The secret to getting it through the spouse's thick skull that typing into a computer all day equals WORK?

1) Get a glowing review. (Scroll down or click here for more details on review)

2) Tell the spouse about it.

3) His response?

"Now you have something to wave in my face the next time I complain about you spending so much time at the computer."

Gee....that's all it took?

Who knew?

4) I'm going to get it laminated and put into a plexiglass frame, so it won't shatter if I 'accidentally' get too close and hit him with it:)


Anny Cook said...

Congratulations! Go, girl!

Mia Watts said...

Well done!

Carol Preflatish said...

My husband took my writing seriously when an agent ask me to send a partial to her.

Congrats, Molly.

barbara huffert said...

Very nice! I'm proud of you even if your hubby isn't. And I understand how much work it takes.