Monday, June 15, 2009

"It's Always The Quiet Ones..."

I did very well at the Wine and Art Festival on Saturday, as you know if you're one of my friends on FaceBook:) I sold 5 books, and three of those were Kenzie's new one!

But why the quote? I guess I'm full of contrasts.

As I was getting in the van to move it to another parking area, a woman came by with flyers, inviting people to Metal Night at one of the local bars. I joked that if she and her partner, who also came over to see what we were talking about, came to my booth, then I'd come out to the concert.

They did, and were astonished that I had not only written one book, I had three published and more submitted!

At 5:30, fellow author and friend BB Walter and I wandered over to the wine tasting booth. She was carded, and while she was retrieving her ID, the woman asked if she was my daughter! I thought, "Just how old do you think I AM?", but kept my mouth shut. I did tell BB about it, and we laughed about it.

At one of the winery booths, I recognized one of the guys, who asked me if I'd sold any of my 'smut'. I said yes, and the one pouring my sample handed it to me and raised his eyebrows.

" write smut?"

"Yes, I do. Tame smut, but hey..."

He poured me another, no ticket required.

"Good for you! Here's to your future books!"

The final eyebrow-raising moment came when BB and I arrived at the bar. The gentleman who'd invited us looked me over and asked, " like metal?"

I smiled. "My son has me hooked on Disturbed."

"Well alright then! Enjoy yourself!"

He even later bought BB and I a round of drinks! Of course, with the college out until the summer session begins, she and I were only a handful of patrons NOT associated with any of the bands!

So tell me something: You've seen my picture before. Do I look old enough to be the mother of a 28-yr-old; erotic book author; and likes head-banging music? I also like the opera; read classic literature; and my favorite movie(s) are the Star Wars films.

But I can also be found watching NCAA basketball; my beloved Colts football team; Cubs baseball, and every year I attend the Indy 500 Race. And depending who I'm with, I can be shy or the life of the party.

Tomorrow, I'll fill you in on what others were saying about our booth!


Regina Carlysle said...

No you do NOT look old enough to be the mom of a 28 yr. old!!!! I like a LOT of things that my kids also like, in both movies and music. Why not?

Kenzie Michaels said...

I agree with Regina:)

And will you let me toot my own horn for once? Why do you get to post all the news?

Unknown said...

Oh no, you do not look old enough to have a 28 yr old. And let me just say my 21 yr old son got me hooked on Disturbed and Godsmack, too!

Unknown said...

Don't worry about what that person said. No, you look young. That person needs glasses. Congrats on selling so many books.