Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer TV

Usually, the only TV show I follow in the summertime is Big Brother, and that's only hit-and-miss. Last year, I was captivated by Swingtown. This year, my obsession is The Next Food Network Star.

I found it late last year, and only closely followed the final four episodes. But this year I've DVR'd it and have silently congratulated myself on not only picking the challenge winners two weeks in a row, but also the bottom two or three, and the one voted out.

I was soooooooo glad last week when Brett went. He really showed his true colors at the end, by trying to undermine perky housewife Melissa's efforts by saying he and fellow contestant Teddy 'helped her create her dish' which received high praise. Whaaaat? I was watching; all they did was to help plate her food when they were finished and she was running behind. At the time, I thought it showed sportsmanship and teamwork. But to try to take credit for it? Come ON!

Fortunately, Bobby Flay and the other two judges saw the light and canned him.

This week, everyone was on edge because of Teddy. At the start, things went well. He and Debbie were paired as a team, and things were going well! I actually thought their food was in the top three meals, and I was right, except for Teddy's dessert. He had forgotten all about making it until the last minute, so it was a disaster.

So what happened when they faced the judges? Yes, they slammed his dessert. Instead of taking it like a man and explaining he'd lost track of time, he tried to take ownership of the collaborative dish he and Debbie made! And Bobby called him on it.

Final two: Teddy and Eddie. Now, Eddie reminds me of the guy on Lazy Town. I don't watch the show; I've only caught glimpses of this guy whenever my 5 year old asks me to find Diego or Dora (he's not mastered the remote just yet, other than the Pause button!). But the past three weeks, his food has been blah. It was basically Food vs Integrity this week, and unlike last week, Food won. Teddy stays, and everyone said they hoped Teddy learns from his last-minute scrambling and doesn't try to throw anyone under the bus again. I predict everyone will be watching him closely; the first sign of a slip and he'll be gone.

The other contestants? I'm not a fan of Michael; he's too over-the-top. I like Jamika; she comes across well, and her food has gotten high praise. Same for Debbie, although she had a small white lie in the opener. Melissa has the personality, but sometimes her food has fallen flat. Katie is too obsessed with the health part; and I'm blanking on the last guy, who won both challenges! He's low-key and does an excellent job preparing the food, so we'll see how he does in later episodes.

And in July, I'll start watching Big Brother, to see what the twist is this year, and if I even care to watch it, other than the elimination episode. I can't even tell you who won last year; shows how memorable it was, lol!

Other than that, I've been catching up on some movies I've missed: Watched The Pursuit of Happiness. Wedding Crashers. The Da Vinci Code (LOVED it!). Read my TV Guide yesterday, and there's not much I'll be watching the next two weeks except for the shows already mentioned and maybe some Law and Order. Hopefully this means I'll be writing more???

Today's To-Do List:
-Follow up appt at eye doctor
-Typing up what I wrote in longhand during the 2-hour appointment yesterday
-Contacting Hazelwood. Didn't get it done yesterday.
-Reading. Haven't read any books except for W's Richard Scarry book from the library. We've reached the halfway point, with a week left on the rental! He's enjoying the stories, and so am I:)

What about you? Read any good books lately, or what's your guilty pleasure this summer?

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