Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chipping Away...

At the To-Do list:) I. Will. Read. Today!

But only after I get at least halfway through Chapter 3. I was so busy yesterday, I didn't even have time to be COLD!

Yesterday I...
-Went out the door in shorts and tank top yesterday morning to run an errand. Came home and sorted the laundrey, and since K was in the shower, couldn't start it yet. D decided we'd go grocery shopping, so he, W, and I went out the door just as S was arriving home. D decides he needs to eat before shopping, so the three of us stopped at the Pizza Hut buffet.

-Shopped, came home and unloaded. D put his eyedrops in; we went to the meat market. Returned home; I started Carol's recipe for chicken and dumplings. Went downstairs to begin the laundry.

-There was an upheaval at S's friend's house; I kept getting silent nudges to go offer a shoulder. So finally I went, fully prepared to get a 'mind-your-own-business' retort. I knocked and said a silent prayer for guidance and to say the right words so she'd be receptive. She opened the door and let me in; I looked at her, opened my arms and said that I knew what was going on, and what could I do to help?

She broke down, accepted my hug, and told me all about it. She'd been needing someone to talk to, and I left after about an hour, with the offer to watch her kids, take her out for coffee, and a shoulder to cry on again.

-Came home and switched loads, went through the mail, wrote some more in longhand (K was watching Stargate on Hulu). Finished dinner, and everyone announced this new dish WILL be added to the lineup:)

-Finally, around 8:30 pm, I brought the last load in from the clothesline (no rain today, so no excuse to use dryer), sat down at the computer, and typed up my seven pages (finally bundled up in fleece pj's after first two pages). Went to bed around 11pm.

Today, I'm still bundled up in my fleece robe, but after my shower I know I'll be back in sweats. Hubby likes to keep the A/C on high, and I constantly get teased about going out on the porch 'to warm up'. Temps have been in the 90's all week, with heat indexes in the 105's. Now see why I say I belong in Florida??

-Begin Ch 3
-Vacuum the floors (may be getting surprise visit from very old friend, thanks to facebook!)
-Mobilize the kids to clean out the rat cage
-(Thinking positive here...) Packing hubby off to work tomorrow???
-Finalize kids' plans for weekend.

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Anonymous said...

To-do list is toast. Started temp job at the Fireworks store with Travis and Brandon. Went in to learn the ropes and stayed 6 hours! Only made one teeny 6 cent mistake...

Watching report on lives of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Both died today. Wonder how much my original Thriller Album is now worth??