Thursday, April 15, 2010

According To The Stars....

Currently Reading: LOVED April's Sexy Games! And started on Ral's Woman by Laurann Dohner yesterday and am finding it hard to put down:) I was late getting out of the car to get my youngling, and when I picked up my daughter from driver's ed, she rather huffily asked if we could get going. Kids. Don't they understand the lure of a good book anymore? Next time S is deep in Twilight, I'll get exasperated with her, ha ha! Print Book: Enjoyed Mommy By Mistake and am interested in reading Rowan Coleman's other books. Now I'm reading Why Hoosiers Can't Pronounce Indianapolis. Never heard of it? Think of it as the Hoosier version of the Redneck Dictionary.

I'm going to be famous.


"If you start a creative project around the time of the new moon on Wednesday, it will work out better than you expected. (Pssst: It could even make you famous!)

Yes, I know; I saw it too. 'Could'.

Guess I'll keep going...and hope that if the above does come true, let's hope that's famous in a good way.

'Remember When...'
Sunday, I was listening to a classic American Top 40 countdown from 1984. With all of the 'retro' stations and the 'we play anything' song lists, I was curious about the top ten songs from this time during my senior year of high school. How many did I remember, and how many are still played today?

Not many.

Here's the list:
10) Jump-Van Halen (I do hear this one occasionally)
9) Adult Education-Hall and Oats
8) Hold Me Now- Thompson Twins (This one's played every now and then)
7) Here Comes The Rain Again- Eurythmics (Yup...heard this one the other day)
6) Miss Me Blind- Culture Club (Remember Boy George and his strange hair?)
5) Automatic- Pointer Sisters
4) Hello- Lionel Richie (Loooooved this one, esp the video!)
3) Somebody's Watching Me-Rockwell (Heard sometimes)
2) Against All Odds- Phil Collins (Another fave from Phil!)
1) Footloose-Kenny Loggins

So 4 out of 10. And how many can you instantly recall? My opinion doesn't count, as I just heard them the other day. But it did bring back memories of my prom! And Casey Kasem stated this was the first time Michael Jackson did NOT have a hit in the countdown. But he did sing back-up on Rockwell's song (Rockwell was Barry Gordie's (MJ's producer) son).

No ballroom dancing for me tonight. We have another track meet. And today will be our last day of eighty degree weather, as rain is moving in tomorrow. And still no sign of the handyman, so I guess I'll put the buckets and towels back under our 'mushroom cloud' leak in the living room.


Amber Skyze said...

Against All Odds was my prom song. Geez, I remember them all.

Linda Kage said...

I can actually start singing "Here comes the rain again" and humming "Footloose." I think I just heard "Jump" on the radio ther other day too. I'd recognize a couple of the other songs if I heard them, but I can't begin their tunes in my head just now.

Molly Daniels said...

My personal favorite Culture Club song is Church of the Poisoned Mind...I just like the rhythm:) Karma Chameleon comes in 2nd.

pmrussell said...

I just caught up with reading. Against All Odds was one of the songs we had played at our wedding (85). We also had a Survivor song, Journey, REO..We gave the sheet music to the organist to play before the ceremony.