Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain Rain, Go Away.....

So I finally went over to the landlord's house on Monday and showed her the pictures I'd taken over the weekend, and explained we hadn't seen the handyman since the initial inspection Easter Weekend. She was shocked; she thought he'd thrown a tarp over it. She assured me she'd call him again.

Two hours later, we heard someone on the roof, and this lovely blue tarp is now draped over our home. I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not, but the top left side isn't very secure; when the wind blows from the east, it flaps. Let's just hope the winds aren't out of the east the next time it rains!

On the bright side, when I send out my son's graduation announcements, instead of telling people who've never been to our new house before the address, all I have to say is 'The house with the blue bandanna'!

In other not-so-good-news, I've lost another document. I stupidly didn't back it up, thinking surely it would withstand a two-week absence from me and still be all right! Apparently, it felt neglected and decided to disappear from my flash drive. Perfect way to kill the mood to write. I spent all day yesterday saving every document on my hard drive to Dropbox. I got up to the F's in my flash, so today I'll be finishing that up. Note to self: Don't forget to save NEW stuff to dropbox, or at least, email it to myself!! Will I ever learn? My only backup file ends on page 2...and I know I was on page 6 or 7 two weeks ago. Trying not to give myself a concussion from banging my head on my desk....

Currently Reading: LOVED Unexpected Mr. Right!!! Definite Recommended Read! I'm just beginning Laws of Attraction and I say, fantastic trilogy Kelley:) Go over to Parker Publishing and get these books! They will keep you scrolling! Take it from me; I forgot to recharge my ereader batteries!

Print Book: John Irving's Until I Find You. Very interesting; learning about the tattoo world in the late 1960's:)
(Posting this here, due to picture at top)

Have a good day; I'm off to the dentist to have one more filling put in my mouth. Fun, kids will enjoy laughing at my speech this afternoon!


Unknown said...

Sometimes a lost document can lead to a better scene. It still sucks though.(((hugs)))

Kelley Nyrae said...

Thank you! It means the world to me that you are liking my Fridays at Luciano's series so much! I'm glad you liked Nico and Tabby's story. I hope you enjoy Bri and Jackson just as much!

barbara huffert said...

I agree with Amber. The first time was just testing the water. The document knoew that and is forcing you to write the awesome version.