Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday: Earliest Memories

Currently Reading: Still on Laws of Attraction and boy, I think Kelley channeled a few of my Arbor U characters' attitudes! I'm loving this:) It's amazing how someone can be the 'voice of reason' for other friends' relationships can be so blind to their own!

What's your earliest memory? I have a friend who says he remembers being in his mother's womb.

Mine don't go back quite that far.

I remember the trailer where I lived with my parents until age 4. I remember watching my mom slide the pocket door to my bedroom closed and me falling out of bed. I remember asking why the slide to my swing set was still under the trailer (There was no room between ours and the next). Playing under the weeping willow trees near the entrance. My babysitter's son and I breaking my swings as we twirled around each other, each on a different swing. I also remember a kid hitting me in the head with a shovel...I'm assuming it was a TOY shovel! And my vague memory of my mother dressing me in a black leather jumper. It was tight, and I hated having to put it on.

I also remember playing in a courtyard of the Purdue West shopping center while my mom did laundry at the laundromat and my dad walking with me. I remember my mom's office at the old high school, and giving 'tours' of the new high school. I also remember spending time in the Home Ec room with a bunch of other kids my age, and jumping up and down on a bed. I also remember falling off! I used to spend hours watching the PE classes swimming in the pool, or maybe it was the swim team. I'm not exactly sure. I also remember my first swim class, and my belly flop off the diving board into my teacher's arms.

I also have a very vague memory of our new house before we bought it. I remember walking into the kitchen and my mom showing me how the stainless steel stove top pulled out, and the black oven doors (two of them) being up above. The room I wanted for my bedroom was painted mint green; it would be later painted pink, and require two coats of paint.

So how far back can you remember? Are they happy memories or traumatic ones? Mine are mainly age 3 or 4.

In one month, my oldest will graduate high school. While looking for funny pictures for the Senior Breakfast Slide Show, we came across several of his from age five. Some he didn't remember, but he does remember his dad putting him on the roller machine, along with his own safety vest and hard hat, and 'helping the asphalt crew pave' two turn lanes. He was barely four.

Today, I'm getting ready to put together his graduation announcements. We've rented a park shelter for his party, and we're getting ready to deep-clean the house, starting Monday. With the exception of Terrific Tuesdays, my posts next month may be short. It just depends on what needs to be accomplished that day. So bear with me; I'll still be around. Just not every day.


barbara huffert said...

I remember standing in my crib, screaming because of a nightmare and no one coming to rescue me.

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