Thursday, April 8, 2010

"I Want My Old Walmart Back!"

Yes, change is good. But in a store you've memorized?

Change SUCKS!

They are 'improving' our Super Walmart. The new color scheme is okay, albeit a little on the bright side over in the food section. K wonders if the goal is to blind shoppers with the brilliant neon yellow so they forget to look at the rising prices.

I think the pharmacy area is staying the same; at least, they haven't touched it yet. But the rest?
-Electronics is now at the BACK of the store, instead of a quick hop past the jewelry counter.
-The only difference I see in Toys is the bicycle rack has been moved to the END of the section instead of out in front by the pharmacy (thankfully...W always wants to go look at the bikes while I'm getting shampoo, toothpaste, etc!)
-Housewares and office supplies are no longer 'conveniently' across from the food; now the only time I'll wander through is if I go through the pharmacy side door and turn left. I used to browse after buying cookies....
-Cleaning supplies are pushed against the far wall by the dairy counter. I used to go past the clothing department, turn right into the laundry aisle, and get pet food on my way to dairy. Now I'll have to change my route...
-They've done away with the self-checkout stands. Double grrr....
-As I was leaving yesterday, I noticed they're changing the food aisles around, and the bakery section was being remodeled. Damn it...I'm going to have to take extra time now to discover where the hell they've moved my usual products!!
-And never saw sporting goods...and the craft section has shrunk...whatever happened to 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'???

On the other hand, our only other supermarket got overhauled last year and the changes are GOOD! Things are easier to find and workers are always on hand to help you.

Update on Roof:
Handyman never returned; Rain fell last night and roof leaked again. Thankfully, I was prepared with towels and buckets. If I didn't post it and you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, our LR roof sprang a leak Saturday morning. I called the landlord, who sent out the handyman Monday. He said he'd throw a tarp on it, but hasn't come back. Landlord will be back in town next week; hopefully something will be done soon.

I'm off to the dentist to finally repair the filling which fell out in February and to fill another tooth on that side. The right side of my mouth will be numb this afternoon. I predict my children will enjoy making fun of me until the novacain wears off and I can speak clearly again!


Unknown said...

Good luck at the dentist and hopefully your roof will be fixed soon.

Margay Leah Justice said...

I know what you mean. They restructured our Walmart a couple of years ago and although some of it is okay, the general condition of the store itself has taken a dramatic dip. Our Walmart used to be the cleanest looking store around, but now, it always looks like someone just randomly dumped some stuff off the shelves - and no one picks it up! And you can never find anyone to help you get stuff from higher shelves. All those employees and they're never around when you need them.

barbara huffert said...

You're not going to believe this but I've been to our super Walmart a grand total of two whole times. It's simply too big for me to bother figuring out where everything is. Yeah, I admit it. I'm odd. I still haven't watched a reality show and now the likelihood has vastly diminished as I just called and had my TV disconnected.