Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Knew Lunch Could Be So Entertaining?

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This is no joke. I was ready for Bill Engval to show up.

The SU and I decided to eat at Subway on Monday. After paying for our sandwiches, I turned to my left and discovered the iced tea machine was empty. No problem; I turned back to the counter and asked if they had any in the drive-through.

"No; she's making a pitcher right now. It won't be ready for at least ten minutes."

Okay; I debated between water, lemonaid, and fruit punch. I chose fruit punch.

Five minutes later, a worker appears with the two empty containers and proceeds to go about refilling them. An elderly lady walks up, empty cup in hand.

"It's not ready yet; I'm just now getting ready to make some."

"How much longer?"

"You want sweet or unsweet?"


"I'll have it ready in six minutes."

Lady returns to her seat. Meanwhile, another LOL (Little Old Lady) pays for her meal and approaches the worker, who informs her the tea isn't finished yet.

"I want tea."

"I know..." The worker tells her it will be about five minutes.

"I only like tea with my meal." She goes to the cashier, who tells her she's sorry, but there's none available. In a huff, she takes a seat.

A few seconds after that, a LOM (Little Old Man) walks up, the lid to his cup off. He's obviously looking for a refill. He says 'Excuse me' to the worker and reaches for the Unsweet Tea handle.

"Sir, I'm making it right now. If you'll wait a few minutes..."

"I want unsweetened." And reaches for the handle again.

"Sir, there's nothing in there yet."

Apparently, he didn't believe her and held his up under the nozzle, turning it once, twice, and then a THIRD time!

"When will it be finished?" And then HE walks over to the counter!

The SU and I were cracking up! What part of 'I'm making it; be patient' do these people not understand?

As Bill Engval says, "Here's your sign!"

Where were the Candid Camera guys?

Have a good day!


Unknown said...

LOL I love Bill Engval's signs.

barbara huffert said...

You crack me up. I never knew Subway provided entertainment with your lunch. Now I may have to go there.

Unknown said...

I love Subway. Sometimes my office seems this disorganized. Oi!

Linda Kage said...

Old people are hilarious!