Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"We Have A Project For You..."

Currently Reading: Finished Strip Poker For Two while at the dr's office. WOW! I really enjoyed the phone sex scenes! Great story April! Recommended Read:) Next up: April's Sexy Games.

First of all, everything's okay with the SU. The eye dr was happy with his exam, and he only has to put drops in his eye four times a day instead of every two hours. Yay! He also seems to be rebounding from his drop in blood pressure/irregular heartbeat this morning.

Secondly, I was not able to go to crit group last night, as K's first track meet was at the same time. I was disappointed to miss it, for a dear friend, the one who introduced me to everyone, was in town again. BUT, he contacted me and said 'the party' was moving to another friend's house. After the meet was over, I fed my family and headed over.

Turns out everyone was brainstorming, and since one member of our group is now teaching ballroom dancing, someone suggested he and I collaborate on a storyline similar to a Dancing With The Stars theme to it.

Also, it was mentioned the project I signed up for, but wrote the wrong story for, is still green-lighted. Only...they still want me to rewrite my story or create another one. I was fully prepared to be left out of the project, but it looks as if I'm being given a second chance:)

So now I really have to get motivated and find some writing time. Maybe this will finally unclog my creativity? I'm still waiting to hear from my publisher concerning Kenzie's Class Reunion and my Forbidden Love; and edits on Kenzie's Teacher's Pet.

And since my festival agreements are beginning to arrive, I'd really like to get cracking on the TP edits, so I can have some sort of idea when this book will be released!


Unknown said...

Glad the SU is okay.

April Ash said...

Lots going on in your life...tell everyone to stay healthy so you can write (and they should stay healthy anyway!)
Thanks for the nice comments about SPFT!

Unknown said...

Ditto what Amber said.

Your critique group sounds awesome. I'm glad you got to go. Also, I'm glad you got to see your friend.

Molly Daniels said...

We're all trying to stay healthy:) No one's had to visit the ER or the regular doctor in at least three months, knock wood! (My physical didn't count...)

Now if I can just get my hot flashes under control...sometimes the desk lamp causes me to sweat, and it usually coincides after I've concluded my 'business' part of the job..emails, blogs, and checking the loops. Or, like tonight...thunderstorms interfered...and then W decided he'd watch a movie when Mommy rebooted the computer!

I need another vacation...only this time, go by myself, lol:)