Friday, April 16, 2010

More Track Pictures and Flashback Friday: Starting A New Job

Here's the discus pics I promised:)

The wind-up...

The throw....

His best one only measured 59' last night, but again, there were others who scratched or threw shorter distances. And the team won again!

Here's W attempting the high of K's friends tried to help him....

He told him to try diving over the bar forwards instead of backwards. Didn't. Quite. Work. But he had fun!

After this shot was taken, he helped C raise the bar again so he could continue practicing, dusted off his hands, and informed me "Mom, I need to practice jumping HIGH!"

My stress level with the Idiot in my life (see Valentine's Day) had begun to affect my job. After some discussion with my very understanding boss, he reluctantly had to let me go. I applied for and got a position at a home for physically and mentally disabled adults and children. After six weeks on the job ( I'd begun working in mid-March), my strengths were beginning to be noticed. I was good at working with the extremely low-functioning ones; my imagination kicked in with the aid of the radio as I worked with them and 'danced' with those in wheelchairs. I was also good with the higher-functioning adults, as we worked on life skills. I was also particularly good with getting everyone's teeth brushed after meals, and encouraging a few of the behavior problem ones to cooperate with me, without getting bitten:)


Amber Skyze said...

Fun pics. W looks like he's really enjoying himself.

The job sounds very rewarding. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Sandra Cox said...

I love the bottom pic:)