Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: Easter, Choir Contest and Skipping Ahead Five Years...

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A funny thing happened this Easter: The Easter Bunny left us Hula Hoops! Being a nice sunny day, my sis and I dressed for church and headed out to play. Unfortunately, we didn't know the grass was still damp. My mom has a wonderful picture of us with our wet shoes and muddy hems: I'm standing in the street, having chosen to roll my hoop in my long skirt; my sis is standing in the yard with her red hoop around her waist, with her new white shoes with grass stains! Both of our hands were dirty from the ground; we were slightly late getting to church, as Mom made us wash our hands and tried to salvage W's shoes!

Our annual Choir Contest was in April (I think!). The weather was bright and sunny, not at all like the solo/ensamble contest, which was miserable, and I was fighting a cold! I did earn second place for my rendition of 'Lullaby'. Anyway, we performed three songs and got a 1st place for Girl's Choir:)

1985: A much better Easter memory occurred this week: I'd gone home for the Easter holidays and returned to college. My roommate's boyfriend called and asked her to bring a friend along for his buddy who was home on leave from the Air Force. She asked another roommate first, who wasn't interested. I was in a rebellious mood and volunteered. E looked uncertain, but told T to bring S over to meet me. Half an hour later, I met the man who would inspire my Arbor U series. We had a love/hate/very co-dependent relationship for years until I wised up!

Ever Have One Of Those Days?
Tuesday, I could barely get away from the computer and phone. Today, I can't seem to stay home! We had things to do on Tuesday, but every time I tried to leave, I'd either get another email from a friend or the phone would ring. And today, I woke up motivated to get things accomplished. My SU decided to take his time, so by the time we finally walked out the door, my motivation was shot. Ever have that happen? I should have just left without him. But, I was hoping for breakfast at Denny's with him. Maybe next week...

Happy Birthday to Regina Carlysle!!!!

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Oh I hate when that happens! hugs.