Monday, April 5, 2010


Currently Reading: Still on Only A Duke Will Do and Mitch. I should finish both today:)

An interesting discussion was held Saturday night, over what the Easter Bunny would possibly leave in the baskets this year. And yes, this discussion took place after the six-year-old youngling was fast asleep.

SU: She buys her own Christmas gifts, too, and wraps them up to leave under the tree.

K: How can you do that? Why not enjoy them right away?

Me: For one thing, I'd have nothing under the tree if I didn't. And secondly, have you never heard of delayed gratification?

SU and K: Forget that...we want it now!

That got me thinking....have we as a society gotten so used to the NOW we've forgotten patience? We have TV on demand; movies on demand; money at our fingertips (ATM and credit cards), and for the past 15 or so years, information on demand, ala the internet. Who waits by the mailbox, waiting for letters anymore? Now we haunt our email inboxes. We leave impatient messages on people's voice mails. And get mad if their cell phones are off, or they don't get back to us 'immediately'.

Food prep is also speedy. We have thirty minute meals, ten minute entrees, and fast food. We also search for the shortest lines at the supermarket. And six years ago, I was incensed with my parents when they allowed my teens to opt to leave the Disney World area and go back to the motel, in order to swim. What happened to the parents who made me wait in long lines just to ride It's A Small World? My daughter was thrilled when I 'forced' her to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. Granted, most of the line was air conditioned. And she also endured the sweltering, 90 minute wait for the Jungle Cruise. My son, who absolutely refused, was disappointed when she eagerly recounted the two rides.

"Maybe....I should have gone on it."

Yes, you should have. We were at Disney, for heaven's sake! If you're hot, go sit in an air-conditioned cafe and drink lots of water while waiting in line!

Authors have to exercise patience while waiting for acceptance letters, release dates, and royalty checks. And granted, everyone has to wait for new movie releases and TV shows. But when was the last time you put off buying something so you could enjoy it more?

Delayed Gratification. This also means actually earning a reward. I've put off buying wine until a wip is completed. Saving up to buy something. Saving up for a trip instead of eating out. And yes, seeing packages with my name on it, rather than already enjoying a new outfit, book, or CD. Even movies.

The next time you get the urge to buy something, put it off for a day or two. The anticipation might just enhance your enjoyment once you finally know it's yours. (Note: This does not pertain to sale items, lol!)

Final Game Tonight!
Butler vs Duke! I'm going with Butler, the hometown fave!


Ashley Ladd said...

My cousins are having their first baby in August. I asked if they knew boy or girl. But they want to be surprised. Good for them. :)

Amber Skyze said...

I used to be obsessed with buying CD's. Now I only treat myself to one when I get a new contract. Waiting has made me tend to forget to buy them. So that's more $$ in my pocket. I think I've finally cured my need for instant gratification where they're concerned. :)

Linda Kage said...

Oh, man, you're so right. I don't wait for anything too long anymore. DV-R, Microwave, Internet, cars... I couldn't even wait a full nine months to have my baby; the doctor cut her out a week before her due date!