Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Ramble

Currently Reading: Still on Sexy Games:) I also finished Just Rewards by Barbara Taylor Bradford....and nearly cried twice when two more original characters 'died of old age'. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of family members in series which span over 1oo years, but thankfully, there's a family tree at the beginning of the book! Now I'm reading Mommy By Mistake by Rowan Coleman.

So Tiger Woods scolded himself over the weekend. Big Deal! He's been busy repairing his reputation, not his golf game! And I thought he did pretty damn well, finishing fourth. Remember Michael Jordan's comeback? He threw an air ball in his first game! A pro basketball player, who can't even hit the net? That's nearly unheard of. So quit beating yourself up, Tiger. You're still in good form. You just had a couple of lousy shots this weekend. Get over yourself.

In other news, a Tennessee mom sent her adopted son back to Russia. Alone, with a note explaining why she was sending him back. Yes, an outrageous way to return a seven-year-old child. There's no word on if the adoption was finalized, or if she tried other resources before shipping him off. But still...sending him off ALONE?? The kid already has psychological issues; now he's going to have more, because he's been rejected twice. First by birth mom, and now by adopted mom. And no, don't jump all over me for the 'rejected by birth mom'...I'm simply speculating on how HE sees it.

I did see an expert say there are little resources for international adoptions, but I still think a better solution could have been reached.

And finally, RIP Dixie Carter, better known as Julia Sugerbaker on Designing Women.

Did I do any writing this weekend? No. But at least I have characters whispering in my ear again...they just don't want me to write anything down just yet. Whenever I pull up a wip or open a document, they run and hide. So maybe this week they will not be so shy?

On a disturbing note...did anyone know that Limp Bizkit made a remake of George Michael's Faith? Oh my aching hearing it on the Retro Rock channel.


Unknown said...

I think the whole situation with the Russian boy is disturbing. I feel terrible for him, no matter what his issues are.

Sandra Cox said...

Pretty sad about that little boy. Did you see they are thinking of pressing charges against the 'mom'.