Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Update On Hubby

Happy Easter!

We Sell Handguns

sign in front of a Racine, Wisconsin store

Currently Reading: Still on Mitch by Dakota Rebel:) I've only got twenty or so pages left, and am anxious to see how the secondary conflict is resolved. I was actually disappointed she put it in, as it's reminiscent of a certain other series, but as it also goes along with her first published book, so I understand the reason behind it. You can tell Dakota put a lot of heart, love, and thought into this book. Recommended Read.

Next up: Strip Poker For Two by April Ashe

Print Book: Finished Whispered Secrets last night, and this one was MUCH better than the first one, imho!

Next up; Only A Duke Will Do by Sabrina Jeffries

SU's Eye Update:
He's following the dr's orders, somewhat, and can be found lying down on the couch, or in bed for certain stretches of time. But with the weather being near 80 at times the past few days, I've often found him on the porch swing.

I have to put three different drops in his eye, every two hours. I've made up a chart, in order to keep track, and am constantly watching the clock, so if I do need to go to the store, I can be back in time for the next round.

He's also fighting with his cardiologist concerning his INR/ProTime numbers, and is getting tired of his every other day blood draw. But hopefully today's number will satisfy the cardiologist and he can go back to his regular, every two week schedule.

What are your plans for Easter? Usually we do ham and all the trimmings, but since we had the party last week, I think we may just go the casual route this year. We can't go to anyone's house, due to his inability to stay down, so maybe after church we'll just have a nice relaxing day. Not telling you what the Easter Bunny's bringing the kids; they have a habit of reading this! I'll fill you in on Monday:)

Whatever your plans, have a safe and happy Easter!

Final Four:
Butler vs Michigan St
Duke vs West Virginia

I'm picking Butler and Duke...but it could just as easily be Mich S vs WV! Check back on Monday...

RIP John Forsythe, aka 'Charlie' and 'Blake Carrington'. In the late 70's, my sis and I longed to know what Charlie looked like! Didn't watch Dynasty on a regular basis, but never missed an episode of Charlie's Angels!


Amber Skyze said...

Happy Easter!

Linda Kage said...

Hope you had a happy Easter. We had ham at my mother-in-laws. Yum.