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Terrific Tuesday with Laura Tolomei:)


As most of you know by now, one of my favorite themes is re-incarnation. Traces of it can be found in practically all my books and Vthe Virtus Saga is no exception.

The three main characters already have a long history between them even if apparently, it’s the first time they lay eyes on each other. And the feeling’s never one-sided alone…

Virtus Saga
The Books
Book 1 The Sex – available
Book 2 The Game – May 15th 2010
Book 3 The Festival
Book 4 The Fitting
Book 5 The Pledge
Book 6 The Heat
Book 7 The Trace
Book 8 The Guardian

The World
Sex, sex and more sex without limits or boundaries—not in numbers, not in gender, whether it’s the phase, the pledge or the heat—such is Sendar’s very foundation, an apparently peaceful planet, without the usual pestilences associated with mankind, wars, hunger, violence. But is it really so?

The Characters
Lost while returning home, Duncan Caldwell, only son and heir of Prince Charles Caldwell, finds shelter in Ylianor Meyer’s rundown shack. The beautiful woman has a very familiar air, but for the life of him, he cannot remember who she is or resist the attraction he feels, despite his aristocratic tastes. So he offers her a job as Black Rose’s stable keeper, only to find out she’s the daughter of his father’s mistress. But will this stop the fatal pull drawing him to her bed?

Lord Christopher Templeton is fiercely in love with Duncan Caldwell, a love started before either was old enough to know what love is, which continues until Duncan decides it’s time for him to find a woman. But Chris is determined to hold on to his prince no matter what it takes, even if he has to face the hated rival he had already driven away from his lover’s side, once, so long ago.

Ylianor Meyer has been in love with Duncan Caldwell since the very beginning, growing up with him on the green hills and cliffs of Black Rose. Banned by Prince Charles’s mate, she hasn’t seen Duncan for over 10 years, but when he walks in her rundown shack, she knows she still loves him as passionately as when she was merely nine-years-old. So she follows him, no matter what the consequences, no matter what his despicable lover will do to drive her away…again.

Lord Arthur Fairchild, leader of the High Council, knows time is slipping away from his grasp and Sendar will be condemned if his hero doesn’t come forth soon. So he summons him—not just him, but also the ones he’s connected to by lifetimes of bonding love and feelings so strong they’ve transcended time and space. And the uncontrollable power, the Virt, the energy running wild on Sendar only complicate matters.

The pyramid
Three-sided like the three lovers full of power and explosive feelings, Virtus controls Sendar in ways they have yet to discover and if they can, change.

The story
Unknown to most, powerful forces dominate Sendar’s feudal-like society, the ability to wield destructive energy so strong in some people, it’s threatening to devastate their world. But to reach a new balance you have to learn, grow, blend with the world from which you come, then go beyond it before the world collapses into chaos. And that’s what Duncan, Chris and Ylianor must learn to do if sex, power, magic, passion and jealousy won’t stand in their way.

The Sex
Virtus Book 1
By Laura Tolomei
GENRE: GLBT, Gay, GLBT, Fantasy, Paranormal, Adventure, Ménage, m/m, m/m/f, m/f
ISBN: 978-1-55487-516-0
LENGTH: 308 pages
HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames
RELEASE DATE: March 15th, 2010
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER ARTIST: Angela White

If Sendar stood a chance perhaps it would be thanks to the arbitrary twists and turns of a blind destiny. Or maybe someone would discover the truth about the ancient ways and compromise our peaceful existence forever. Either way, people needed a hero to shed new light on the age-old mysteries. And he was just about to answer their prayers.

Christopher Templeton
All my father’s fault anyway, for wanting to send me, his third and youngest son, to the Caldwell’s to broaden my horizons, or so he claimed. Clinging to his two brothers, eight-years-old Chris had wanted to tell James Templeton it was a useless attempt for his convictions would never change no matter how far he went, but his young age had prevented any serious argument. Still, he was old enough to know what he wanted from life and women were definitely not on the list, in spite of what his father said or did.
Alas, nothing stopped the tragic—or rather blessed, as he later came to see it—chain of events. Exiled from his home, Fair Haven, little Chris had set out on a long journey, for which he had no taste or choice either, cursing the Caldwell’s at every step, along with anyone even remotely connected to them, until destiny had caught up with him at Black Rose’s last bend.
Twisting around the many hills leading up to the estate, he first heard a boy’s happy shout. “Ready or not, here I come.” Another curve and he glimpsed the back of him, dark head lit by Stella’s rays. “It’s no good running, Ylianor.” The boy kept yelling at a little girl. “I’ll catch you.” He seemed all set to go while Chris approached the last bend, but curiously something stopped him and he looked over his shoulder one second before Chris came into full view on the other side of the hill.
With a heart pounding so fast it could’ve dropped out at any moment, Chris had stared at the piercing black eyes transfixed, unmoving, unable to talk, think, breathe or do much else besides recognizing the dark-haired boy, though he had never set eyes on him before in his life. And that the other boy knew him, too, Chris read it clearly in the inquisitive gaze. So it happened, impossibility becoming reality as the unconscious tried to shed light on age-old connections that obviously neither had ever forgotten, though they seemed incomprehensible at present.

Ylianor Meyer
Having witnessed the incredible experience, memory played it back in slow motion, frame by agonizing frame, still unexplainably fresh after all this time. Incredible as it seemed, Ylianor was sure Duncan had felt Chris’s presence a fraction of a second before their eyes ever met.
Time had stood still while they stared at one another and Ylianor saw them discover a prior connection so strong it was virtually impossible to unlink. Destined to be as one in the spiritual realm, the two souls had met again, under different names, shapes and circumstances, for one more journey together in the material dimension, their paths inextricably entwined since the beginning of time. When exactly they had forged their bond seemed impossible to tell and even if the conscious level had no recollection of the previous lifetimes, their souls called out in recognition and full acceptance of their destiny.

Laura Tolomei
Website www.lallagatta.com


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