Friday, April 2, 2010

April Reading Schedule

I'm up to Ch 18 on Dakota Rebel's Mitch. Afterward, I'll be reading:
Ral's Woman-Laurann Dohner
Strip Poker For Two- April Ashe
Sexy Games- April Ashe

Print Books:
Finished Married Lovers by Jackie Collins and am now diving into Secret Whispers, the sequel to The Heavenstone Secrets by VC Andrews. Since I found the first one slightly tedious, I predict I'll get through it quickly. And the next book up is Only A Duke Will Do by Sabrina Jeffries.

The rest of the print books purchased last month are:
Just Rewards- Barbara Taylor Bradford (Again, I can't remember if I've already read this one)
Mommy By Mistake- Rowan Coleman
Why Hoosiers Can't Pronounce 'Indianapolis'- John W. Terhune (I've actually wanted this one for several years)
Love's First Light- Jamie Carie
Angel's Den-Jamie Carie
Until I Find You- John Irving (Given to me by my father...he found it slightly distasteful, but knowing my love of JI's books, he passed it on for me to keep; he doesn't want it back!)
Trying To Save Piggy Sneed (A compilation of JI's works; again, it's mine to keep:)

Projected Buying Schedule:
Unexpected Mr. Right-Kelley Nyrae(
Lucky Luciano-Kelly Nyrae
In The Dark-Rob Graham (AMP)
The Gift-Rob Graham (AMP)
Czech Mate-Sloane Taylor (AMP)

Golden Opportunity- Donna Marie Rogers (TWRP)
Finding Their Way Back-CSP (TWRP)
Curses-CSP (TWRP)
Phantom’s Pleasure- Brynn Paulin (TEB)
Simon Says-Ashley Ladd (TEB)

Anytime Darlin’-Julia Barrett (Resp. Press)
Body of Art-Bronwyn Green (Resplendence)
Two Plus One-Brynn Paulin (Resplendence??)
Chasing Temptation-Regina Carlysle (Resplendence Pub)
Dragon’s Blood-Brynn Paulin (Resplendance Pubb)

Flavors of Ecstasy- CSP et al (EC)
Stone and Fire-CSP (EC)
Out of Her Dreams- Fran Lee (EC)
Marry Me, Marietta-CSP (EC)
Exploring Ari-CSP (EC)

Again, it is highly unlikely I'll buy every book on this list, so they may overlap into May. But my TBB list has now been reduced to 63, and this doesn't count any new books which I may have overlooked. And as you can see, I've lumped them by publisher. I finally got tired of site hopping, in order to buy the books. And I'm also catching up on a few authors' backlists!

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