Monday, December 9, 2013

Congrats Jason and Amy!!!

Currently Reading:  Unwritten Rules by Alison Henderson.  This is one that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you're reading!

The Amazing Race:
I was sooooo hoping the Afghanimals would be in the final 3!  But Leo couldn't figure out what was wrong with his robot.

Team ER Docs:  Nicole has had several bad legs of the race, dropping the ball and not doing her share of the work.  Amy helped her last week on the octave challenge, then they worked together on the robots.  But she couldn't hit the target from the plane....nearly crashed while scaling the glacier....and had problems paddling the kayak.  I have no idea if they even finished the final challenge.

Team Pinky:  As much as she drove me crazy all season long, she battled her way into 2nd place.  I did enjoy the antics of the Japanese Game Show host and audience at their 'broken up' status/expense:)

Jason and Amy:  Played a straight game, no flip-flopping on alliances or blatant lies. deserve it!

Next Season:  Returning players are back!  Who do I NOT want to see?  'Brenchal'.  Team Pinky.  Would LOVE to see Mark, the Afghanimals, Brandon and Adam, or even the NFL team guys who had airplane issues this season.

Weekend Recap:
We received almost a foot of snow; school was canceled last Friday and today.  I did NOT go to karaoke, since the temp had dropped to 18 degrees.  We also did not go to Terre Haute to celebrate K's birthday; instead, we took him to a local steakhouse.

Cookies Baked:  7 doz. M&M
Cards Addressed/mailed:  0
Presents Bought/wrapped: 0


Sabrina York said...

LOL Molly, I am so glad you posted this! I watched the first half and went to bed..not realizing it was a two hour show.


Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

I love this show and the perfect team won!!! I, too, was hoping Afghanimals would be a top 3. The husband doc said a bit too much for me and I would have kicked his leg a lot during the interview. Next one looks like tons of fun!

Melissa Keir said...

I've not watched Amazing Race but then again, I don't watch much TV. It sounds like a fun show that keeps everyone guessing.

I think it's neat that they are bringing back previous contestants. Too bad they don't mix it up and put some contestants with people other than their partners!

Molly Daniels said...

@Sabrina: You're welcome!

@Vicki: I love it when returning members play:)

@Melissa: When I first watched it, I found it boring. But then the Big Brother/Survivor cast members began playing so I started watching and got interested in seeing the different countries.