Friday, December 13, 2013

Flashback Friday: 1st Dance, Birthday, and Christmas:)

December 1983:
I neglected something last month.  I decided to accept an invitation to our fall dance, The Gallop, when I learned B was up for Gallop King.  He and I were still fighting at the time, so my friend K set me up with L.  Mom bought me a lovely dress and new shoes; L and I went to dinner at Pizza King and then onto the dance.

During one of the songs, B walked past us on the dance floor and said hi.  I smiled and returned the greeting, then went on dancing.  I also later voted for him, but one of the other senior basketball players won the title.  L and I had our pictures taken, and you can tell I was still in Marching Band mode:  I'm standing at attention, ha ha!

Anyway, as finals approached, B and I resumed talking.  Since my birthday fell during finals, B caught up with me. 

"Your birthday's tomorrow, isn't it?"

I was surprised he'd remembered.  "Yes."

He broke off half of his Snicker bar.  "Happy birthday, since I probably won't see you tomorrow."

"Thank you!"

Mom and Dad took me to Mountain Jack's for my 18th birthday dinner.  And a week later, I woke up with the stomach flu Christmas morning.  I felt better by the afternoon, and we went to my great-grandmother's house to celebrate.  I received a Polaroid Instant Camera, and practiced taking pictures, experimenting with distance and light.

Next month:  New schedule!

Present Day:
Hopefully the snow we're supposed to get today won't deter me from going to karaoke this week.  Temps are supposed to be in the 30's, instead of the teens, so if I'm able to go, I'll be singing the same songs I'd planned for last week:
Faith of the Heart
Fall To Pieces

Have a great week!  

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