Sunday, December 1, 2013


Ch. 14:
Friend K just got engaged, yet she turns puce? And A thinks she knows what K wants to do instead of going clubbing. Give me a break. If she’s going to be sick. that doesn’t always mean she’d rather hit the sheets instead of the dance floor. I think the author meant to write another color.
Pg.301: Why is he so worried about her alcohol intake? So she downs the water in an ‘unladylike manner’ to protest. Huh.
A is fondled on the dance floor; she slaps him; C punches the guy. Overkill? And yet no one but A thinks K and E are ‘being indecent’ on the dance floor?
Pg. 309: He’s not mad at her ‘for once’ and she thinks this is progress???
Ch. 15: I find it hard to believe her hand still hurts. And I’m completely thrown off by the mock ‘rape’ scene on pages 314-317.
Ch. 16: A goes to work and L shows up to see her. I don’t even know why this was necessary to the story. It’s so uncomfortable to read. I had to stop at the beginning of Ch. 17 to read something else: My FB feed. Much more entertaining.

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