Friday, December 27, 2013

Flashback Friday

Dec 2003:
I went to the doctor for my monthly checkup and she cautioned me to stay off my feet as much as possible. I scoffed.

"Yeah, right.  With two tweens, Christmas parties, and two birthdays?  I'll go on bed rest after Christmas Day."

And I proceeded to bake cookies, decorate the house, hosted my oldest son's twelfth birthday, and attended family Christmas parties.  Oh yeah, and celebrated my 38th birthday.  But on Christmas Eve Day, I suddenly noticed my ankles were extremely swollen.  I called a nurse friend, who told me to get off my feet and elevate them ASAP.  I'd finished wrapping everything; I was finishing up the stocking gifts and cleaning the house, since my parents were arriving soon.  My older kids had also been in a church production of The Best Christmas Ever, and my sister was in town.  But I turned over the housework to the spouse and kids, and plopped my butt on the couch with a movie for company while I elevated my feet.

We attended Christmas Eve service, then returned home and put the kids to bed.  The next morning, D and the kids got the food ready.  I was officially 'off duty' until the baby arrived.

I don't think I mentioned, I was carrying the baby the same way as I'd carried S, so we'd settled on Jessica Jo for a girl, and would call her JJ.  D still maintained he wanted a boy, to be called William Michael.  I wanted Michael William, but he wasn't budging.  So 'Peanut' became 'JJ' for the next three months.  We were on track to deliver March 5th:)

Next Month:  Movie Hour!

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