Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the Year Recap

Hard to believe another year has passed!  2013 certainly had its ups and downs.

Jan:  Shook free of Bad Publisher and Youngling's basketball team won the championship:)  Contracted bronchitis and an ear infection, and found a new Karaoke venue.

Feb:  Kenzie's Class Reunion released; was giving myself daily breathing treatments; and edited Endless Love.

March:  Celebrated the youngling's 9th birthday at Chuck E Cheese; found myself floundering in self-doubt for a week, but then found a wonderful affirmation of my story-telling at the top of my proof copy.  Endless Love released and was well received:)  My cover art for Searching For Love was beautiful!  Attended an Author's Fair in Madison, IN with Carol Preflatish, Kayelle Allen, Maddie James, and Jan Scarborough, to name a few, and had a blast!

April:  Edited both Off The Clock (Kenzie) and Searching For Love, plus had a heated debate on FB over my personal views toward the GLBT community. My daughter's b/f caused them to be evicted from their apartment, which caused me to cancel our plans to attend the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City.  SFL released; we got ready to kick things into high gear for Graduation Hell.

May:  I convinced the daughter to go through graduation AND a party, citing she wouldn't get 'monetary presents' if there was no party, ha ha!  And since she was adamant about a certain person not attending either events, I had to bite my tongue whenever this person called to ask about it.  I still think she's mad at me.  She and the baby moved back home with us, and by the end of the month had broken up with the baby daddy for good and begun dating another guy.  Baseball season began, and the youngling did well.  Graduation went well, and daughter was happy I'd nagged her into it:) And Tony Kanaan finally won the Indy 500:) Also, both Off the Clock and Wild At Heart were released:)

June:  I spent this month in turmoil, since a dear friend was diagnosed with a swift cancer.  He passed away on the 17th, and my spouse was very unsympathetic toward my grief.  I used the $$ I'd set aside for RT for the trip to his funeral, and respectfully shared my stories/memories with his wife.  Apparently S had spoken about me several times, so she didn't mind me sharing the front row of the graveside service with her and S's sister.  Baseball came to an end, and we began to look forward to our upcoming vacation.  Lost my health insurance.

July:  Began to have computer issues, and discovered the need to send it in.  I was editing Love Weighs In, plus my Freya's Bower publisher sent Off The Clock on a review tour the last part of the month, so I had to have my laptop as we traveled to Colorado.  My niece and nephew arrived; I drove up one day and took all the kids to the water park.  And two weeks later, we headed west.  My health also decided to go haywire, and suffered a few swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  But according to all tests, I was healthy.  The spouse began to get irritated with the sudden influx of medical bills, and the fact I had no insurance.

Aug:  Celebrated Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary, plus Mom's birthday, at Nicky's Restaurant in Estes Park, plus enjoyed ourselves.  School began, and the youngling seemed to be doing well in 3rd grade.  Love Weighs In was released, and suddenly I realized all of my finished work was now published.  It was time to write again.  My BFF moved to Arizona, so I was a little emotional toward the end of the month.  I went for a 2nd opinion on my health, and was relieved when Dr. S agreed with my assessment, and the fact the new thyroid dose was working.

Sept:  Discovered my new health insurance wasn't going to cover any of my son's doctor visits, so shopped around again and found one we were happy with.  Began my new diet, and it made me snippy at times.  Did a radio interview, and it went well:)

Oct:  Made a goal to write at least 1K per day.  Sometimes it happened; other times, not so much.  Had a great time at our Karaoke Costume Party, dressed as a pirate:)

Nov:  Began working on my 1st paranormal romance for NaNoWriMo.  Also took part in a Women's Retreat and made the decision to reaffirm my faith in Christ. I didn't 'win' NaNo, but did finish the book!

Dec:  The daughter was hired by McDonald's and now worked the same shift as her brother, meaning I was now back on full-time Grandma Duty.  Baked cookies and shopped.  Had a nice relaxing Christmas and I'm looking forward to seeing Gallagher tonight with the spouse.  I fell in love with his act back in 1985:)

Books Read This Year:  186
                      Paperback:  42
                      Hardback:     5
                            E-book: 139
                                  DNF:  12

Karaoke:  Started the year on the 'Don't's' and finished near the end of the 'F' titles.  New songs added to Good list:  23.

Have a safe and happy New Year!        


Judy Baker said...

Oh my gosh! Molly, you had a year! So did I and can relate to your need to reaffirm your faith in Christ. I'm not sure how I would have gotten through the year without Him. Have a great New Year. Judy

Melissa Keir said...

Sounds like a trying year but also one of many successes! I wish you all the best in 2014! I'm so lucky to call you a friend!

Unknown said...

wow, Molly, you had a year and a half! May this next one be better all around for you and your family. And good luck with the books!


Sandy said...

Oh boy, you had some year, Molly. I'm, also, glad you reaffirmed your faith in Christ. I would never make it without him.

Unknown said...

What a year...if you have your health the rest will fall into place. :)
Happy New Year

Fiona McGier said...

Sounds like a really full year. You can't have the highs in life without risking the lows. Sometimes you get both at the same time! Hopefully you enjoyed enough small moments to look on with fondness.
Good luck in 2014.