Friday, December 6, 2013

Flashback Friday: Blizzard of '73:)

December 1973:
The date was set....the party outfit chosen with care.

Mom made cupcakes for me to take to school.

However, Mother Nature had another idea.  Snow began to fall.

In the morning, "School is canceled, honey.  Go back to sleep."

Sleep?  But it was my birthday....and the last day of school before the Christmas Break!   What about my class singing Happy Birthday to me?  Playing Head's Up 7-Up?  And passing around my delicious chocolate cupcakes?  Instead, I got a blizzard and an early start to vacation.

We enjoyed the snow, and went sledding down the neighbor's driveway and hill.  Friend K came over and shared ice cream and cake, then had more celebrations with various family members during the next two weeks.

Present Day:
Cookies Baked:  14-15 dozen chocolate chip
Presents Bought/Shipped:  8, along with 15 e-book CDs for the troops.

Songs For Tomorrow's Karaoke:
(If I get to go; a sleet/snowstorm had school letting out early yesterday and no school today.  Depends on the ice factor and if I feel like trudging a mile through the snow.)

Faith of the Heart (Rod Stewart)-doing this again so I can catch it on video
Fall To Pieces (Avril Levign)
Fame (Irene Cara)
Birmingham (Amanda Marshall)-Redemption song.

Today, I'm baking either the sugar free cookies or the M&M ones...haven't decided yet.  Have a great weekend!

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