Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm heading into the home stretch!  Only two more chapters after this week's installment, halleluja!!!

Ch. 17:
Pg.355:  I had a massive eye-roll when, during the phone conversation to tell C her dad's in the hospital and C says he has a meeting with some Asian business men, A wonders 'Why did I no nothing of this?'  Umm, because you're too wrapped up in your own job, staying alive, keeping C alive, and worrying about C's previous lovers to ask about what it is he does every day.  That's why.  Then on the next page, she's questioning his judgement?  What has she got against the Global Economy?

Pg. 359:  I don't know about 'normal people', but when I make a cup of tea with a tea bag, I let it steep for several minutes.  Here she dunks the tea bag, then immediately throws it away, then sips and grimaces at the taste, because it's not her usual brand.  Get a clue; you're drinking colored water at this point.  You have to set it steep!  And on the next page, a mere paragraph later, her tea is cold?  How hot was that water?  Couldn't have been too hot.

Pg 361:  I wanted to slap her.  Yeah, I get it; she's in shock....but I've been in that situation also and when I hear 'stable but critical', I don't wonder what it means; I tell the doctors 'thank you'!  It means his condition has under control, but they're watching him closely.

Ch. 18:  A and C are sharing a suite so she can be close to her dad, and since she's forgotten her toothbrush, she uses his.  Gross.  Has NO one told her you never use anyone else's toothbrush?  You put the paste on your finger or use mouthwash.  Chew gum.  This happened in book #1 also.

Ch. 19:  Why is she shocked that C wants to make love on the sofa?

Ch. 20:
So A's pregnant.  With all the threats to her life and C's, and parties to attend, plus being whisked off to Aspen, she's forgotten to go get her no-baby shot.  And C goes ballistic when she tells him?  Proof she should have left him waaaaayy back in Ch 1 or 2 of book #1.....

They fight, especially when A discovers C went to see 'Mrs R' in order to calm down.  Then JH shows up and blackmails her....and suddenly meek, sheltered little A turns out to have James Bond skills at turning the tables on her captor, though she does injure herself in the process.

Ch. 23:
Pg 465:  I've had a catheter in; you can't tell when you're peeing.  So why does she have the urge?  Tsk didn't do her homework...and OMG....on the next page, her refuses to let the nurse do her job?  What if he drops her?  She slips?  Is he still going to blame the hospital?  Idiot....

Pg 472:  Holy cow.  No hospital food for A; C has her meal catered from an upscale restaurant.  Talk about overkill.

And surprise, the end of this chapter, C's changed his mind and is now looking forward to the birth of 'Little Blip'.

I'm sooooo thankful I only have to read less than 100 more pages!


Melissa Keir said...

Again thank you for saving me the time. I can't believe you are wasting the time!

Molly Daniels said...

This one is especially aggravating. Wish they'd tell me who was trying to kill him at the end of book #2 already!!!!

Marianne Stephens said...

Another great summary of the chapter. How/why did this get published? I want the editor who blessed this - uh, no I don't!