Sunday, December 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Another Diagnosis!

Nov 2003:
Recap:  D had two heart surgeries, was diagnosed with TB and put on those meds; I came up pregnant and had to quit my job; both cars died.  Thankfully, we were able to patch together the Lincoln Town car and drive to his mother’s for Thanksgiving.
We spent an enjoyable weekend, and when D began telling his mother of some other health issues he was experiencing, she made him test his blood sugar.  Over 300.  What?????  As soon as I could, I made him an appointment for the following Wednesday.
This time, his blood sugar was over 400.  Dr. S had him immediately admitted to the hospital.  I called the kids and told them I’d be home shortly, after settling him in.  I felt bad once we got him settled, since Dietary showed up with a meal for his roommate, but he wasn’t allowed to eat it.  I offered, so they gave it to me, and I enjoyed it.  But then the nurse came by and told the roommate his test had been cancelled, and could eat.  I rather sheepishly confessed to eating it; they ordered another meal!  D spent the next day undergoing more tests and was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  Two more medications were added to his growing list.
I also began noticing people whispering, and finally one of my friends asked me if I’d lost the baby.  I said no; they had noticed I wasn’t putting on much weight and wondered if anything had happened.  I did let my kids accompany me to the ultrasound, where they got their first look at their new sibling.  I didn’t want to know the sex, but the kids did; however, ‘Peanut’ rolled over and refused to allow the tech to get a look between his/her legs!  We were also given an entire strip of pictures, so each one could take to school and show off their new brother or sister.
Next Month:  Christmas Craziness and Bed Rest!
Songs For Tomorrow:
Faith of the Heart-Rod Stewart
Fall 2 Pieces-Avril Lavign
Black Velvet-Alannah Miles
Have a great weekend!

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