Friday, December 20, 2013

Flashback Friday

Thank you for all the warm birthday wishes yesterday!  I feel very blessed:)

Dec 1993:
I was still experiencing morning sickness, and the spouse was working, so little K would 'help' me in the morning by handing me pieces of toilet paper:)

My aunt went into the hospital, but the family Christmas party was still held a few days before my birthday.  My mother had gone to Florida to plan my grandmother's birthday party, so she wasn't there.  After the party, Dad took us out to eat at a steakhouse, and the meal was a sober one, since word had arrived Aunt Julie wasn't doing that well.

Later that evening, my dad called.

"Aunt Julie passed?" I asked.

He seemed surprised.  "How did you know?"

"I'm so sorry's the only other reason you would have called this late."

My sister, who was home from the Peace Corps, picked me up the next day and we went to offer support to Grandma, and help her with anything she needed.  And the viewing was held the evening of my birthday.  It's strange when people come up to you and say "Happy birthday....I'm so sorry for your loss."

We buried her the next day, and a week later, celebrated Christmas with Mom and Dad.  Then we sent Wendy back to Ecquador.

Present Day:
A tiny rant about what took place yesterday.  Everyone's up in arms about an OPINION expressed by a popular CHRISTIAN reality-TV star.  I've only recently begun paying attention to this particular family, especially after learning they stood up to their editors for editing out their prayer time.
-It was an OPINION
-It was said in a radio interview or magazine interview; I've heard both.
-It was taken out of context; he went on to say he would never treat anyone with disrespect.

So why has the network 'suspended' him for his OPINION?
-He did not express hatred
-He stated Biblical principles
-He did not say anything slanderous toward any GLBT group.

I say, let the network drop them, and take their show over to a more Christian-oriented station.  And see how many people follow them.  Where's the tolerance?  Or is 'tolerance' only if we agree with the far left?  Since when do we censor OPINIONS?  Do I blow up every time I see an Op-Ed piece on a news show that I don't agree with?  No; I change the channel or listen to it and blog my views the next day.  This is my blog; everything on it that I write is MY OPINION.  You don't have to agree with it; if you don't like what I say, you are free to voice your own OPINION in the comment section, as long as you're cordial about it.  We're free to agree to disagree.

Karaoke Party Tomorrow!
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