Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Headaches

How Miss Itsy-Bitsy has grown!  Here she was last year....

And here she is this year!  She's growing into a beautiful little girl:)

Headache #1:  The Unwelcome Guest
When one of your loved ones divides his/her time between households, there can be unforeseen consequences.  We've had to spend two days reversing bad behavior, lamenting the loss of favorite sippy cups, and even dealing with vengeaful acts, resulting in a new diaper bag being bought.  But this season brought another side effect:  We now have unwelcome 'guests' in our home, and the day after Christmas, one 'guest' decided to travel with us.  Fortunately, he acted alone, and was disposed of before he could repopulate in another home.

Headache #2:  Theft
Daughter has been the unfortunate victim of theft the past several months, all because she insists 'she loves' a con artist.  First it was her laptop.  She gave him permission to pawn it while we were on vacation, so he could have some cash, and he was supposedly going to get it back the following month.  But the receipt mysteriously could not be found.....and now she has no laptop.

The second item she loaned him was her X-Box, so he could watch movies or play games.  When they broke up last month, he was supposed to return it.  Well, he apparently took it 'somewhere' and every time he's promised to give it back, either someone isn't home, or they don't have the gas $$ to drive to this residence, or he's been sick.  Now she tells us the uncle (or b/f-not clear on this) sold it for the grand total of $10.

Finally, late Saturday night she texted me this person was coming to get her wallet.  I wasn't home, but the spouse gave it to him.  We found out yesterday she gave him her bank card and PIN, with the understanding he was going to take $40 out for personal use.  But instead, he took $100 (her Christmas money) and left her with the grand total of .88.  I seriously hope that in a few hours we will be pressing charges against him!!  When will this child open her eyes to the fact this guy is nothing but a freeloader, thief, and con artist?

Headache #3:  Temper Issues
I don't know the entire story, but from what I can gather, my older son threw a temper tantrum at the above said con artist and kicked in the apartment door.  He may or may not be looking at charges pressed against HIM for damages.

2013 is certainly going out with a 'bang' around here.

In The Good News Category.....
Karaoke went well this past week:)  I didn't think I sounded very good until I heard the video.  I sang 5 songs:
Far Away (Nickelback)
Feels Like the 1st Time (Foreigner and no video)
1st Cut is the Deepest (Sheryl Crow)
Faith of the Heart (Rod Stewart)
Any Man of Mine (Shania Twain)

Tomorrow, I'll have my usual end of the month re-cap and possibly the end-of-the-year recap as well.  See you tomorrow!

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